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2-Minute Drill


Race against the clock! 2-Minute Drill can be played by one person or by two in a 1 on 1 competition. The clock counts down the time, as the score is kept on the bright, LED scoreboard.


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Boxing Arcade

boxer-cube-boxing-machine-coin-operated-arcade-game-red-kalkomat    Description:

Challenge your strength.  Punch the bag and see how strong you are! Each compression is displayed on the LED Display.


Dimensions: :  87.5″H x  43.5″W x 51″L

Electrical Req.: 1 x 20amp outlet of 110volts of electricity

Dance Challenge

Dance Challenge | DDR Rental | Rent Arcade Games New Jersey

Bring the dance floor to your next event as you put your skills to the test and move to the grove! Let the music and colorful graphics excite your senses on this interactive dance video game.

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Electronic Darts

Electronic Darts | Shooting Games for Rent PA

Description: Arachnid arcade-style game like the pros use to win championships. Keeps score for up to eight players at one time.  24 games with 132 options and 5 Cricket games. LED display of player scores; regulation 15.5-inch target area.
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Cruis’n World Driving Simulator

Cruis’n World allows players to choose from any of 12 countries ranked by difficulty, or they can drive the entire world through 14 tracks using 12 different cars (plus secret and player-customized cars) that can perform wheelies, jumps, flips and short cuts. Its an amazing journey as Cruis’n World can only deliver.

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Golden Tee


Choose from five courses; Balmoral Greens (A Scottish Style course that is non-links and it has deep bunkers and trees), Sapphire Springs (An explosive volcanic environment in New Zealand), Oak Hollow (An Autumn setting in Virginia), Painted Gorge (South African National Park Themed) and Ridgewood (A Canadian Rockies themed course).  There are also two amateur courses that are easier version

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Jumbo Foosball Table

Jumbo Foosball Table | Shooting Games for Rent PA

Description:   More Players = More Fun!  2 to 8 players! This game includes sixteen 5/8″-diameter fiberglass player rods (3 soccer men per rod), 2 end scorers, 6 ball feeder cups, adjustable feet and 4 balls. With 6 ball feeder cups, you can keep 3 or more balls in play at all times – It’s a guaranteed scoring frenzy! Available in 6′ and 8′.
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Off Road Challenge

Off Road ChallengeDescription:

Put the pedal to the metal on one of 6 different Off-Road tracks. The faster the finish, the better the score!


One or two players race the ticking backboard clock to score baskets. Electronic readout displays two player scores plus a 30 second shot clock . Game will go into overtime for 15 seconds if 30 or more points have been scored. Three rubber balls supplied.

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Putting Challenge

Putting Challenge, Golf Game Rental NY, PA, NJ, MD DE

Putting fun with our electronic green. The game announces player’s turns, hole number, average putts per player and even cheers hole-in-ones. Ball automatically returned every time. 72 electronically changing contours. Four 18-hole courses on two skill levels (2 Amateur and 2 Pro). Patented sensor system keeps score of every player.

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Quarterback Challenge

Quarterback Challenge | New Jersey AmusementsDescription:
A durable runway with printed field and two receiver and one field goal target, player attempts to accumulate 100 yards to score 6 points and 3 seconds to score the extra point after touchdown. A flashing light automatically appears signifying bonus points can be scored. Footballs return to player. The footballs are small, soft and safe.


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Rock Band

Rock Band | New Jersey AmusementsDescription:
Finally find out what its like to master all the parts of the band. Master the guitar, base guitar, the drums and the vocal. Form your own band and get ready to go for the top as you rise to international fame.


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Wii Game System

Wii Game System | Amusement Rentals for 2014

Woww…Wiiii…. is this fun! Have fun playing with this exciting new technology. Play baseball, tennis, bowling, boxing, golf, car racing, target shooting and many more games on this true interactive video game.


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