Alien Pinball

Rent Alien Pinball NJ, N, PA | Carnival Games for Rent NJ, N, PA


Enjoy our “out-of-this-world” pinball game. Pull a lever and watch as the multi-colored balls go racing through space. How many points can you land on?

Boom Blaster

Boom Blaster | circus party rentalsDescription:
In this Speed-Pumpin’ Balloon Bustin’ Challenge Game, 3 contestants frantically pump, inflating their balloons until one pops in the detonator. First to burst is the winner!

Cow Pie Fly

Cow Pie Fly | Rent Inflatables NJ

Test your accuracy and try to throw the foam cow chip into the cow’s tummy.

Crazy Driver

Crazy Driver | NJ Carnival Games

The ball must travel down the ramp without falling off. Guide the ball left and right by using the steering wheel.


Duck Pond-Deluxe

Duck Pond-Deluxe | NJ Amusements

Pluck the duck from the pond and match numbers to win. (need water to fill pond and an electrical source to plug in pump)

Fat Cats

Fat Cats | Event Rentals NY

Players knock down the “fat cats” with bean bags to win.

Football Toss

Football Toss | carnival in NJ

Real NFL action. Take the challenge and test your throwing accuracy.

Fun Mirrors

Fun Mirrors | post prom rentals NJ

Don’t you look silly! These 5 foot tall concave and convex mirrors are a hit at any event.

Game Booths

Game Booths | Corporate Entertainment NJ

Our red and white striped Game Booths will bring “the carnival” experience to any event. These 8′ x 8′ deluxe game booths include canopy tops, front and side skirting and full length backdrops.

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Ice Cream Madness

Ice Cream Madness | Carnival Games For Rent in NJ

Bounce the ball so it lands in the ice cream cone to win.


Kiddie High Striker

Kiddie High Striker | NJ Party Rentals | NY Party Rental Games

Smaller version of the high striker. This one for younger children is 6 feet high and comes with a padded mallet.


Kiddie Monkey High Striker


Using the rubber covered mallet, hit the base as hard as you can and watch the ringer go up the palm tree to hit the bell. This high  striker is only 6’H x 3’W




Size DOES Matter! Megawire is the ultimate test of patience, whole body steadiness, and hand-eye co-ordination. Watch while players attempt to navigate the handheld ring through 12 linear feet of tube on this massive 4 feet tall by 4 feet wide game. Should they loose their concentration and make a mistake, the red light will turn on along with an audible buzzer.

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Mineshaft Madness — Watch Video

Mineshaft Madness Games NY, DE, MD | Rent Carnival games NY, DE, MD


With six giant keys to choose from, find the four correct keys to unlock the carts blocking a gold nugget from racing through the mine on its way out of the tunnel. Make sure to watch out for the miners and TNT! Up for the challenge? You’ve got 50 seconds. Ready… Set… GO!!!

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This over-sized board game is colorful, fun, and an instant classic. Players use the huge tweezers to extract fun parts from the nervous patient. If either the tweezers or the game piece touches the game board… Uh-Oh! The patient’s nose lights up and funny sound effects are triggered.

Outhouse Run

Outhouse Run | Amusement Rentals for 2014

Toss the foam toilet paper roll into the outhouse door.

Ping Pong Toss

Ping Pong Toss | New Jersey Party Rentals

You must toss your ping pong ball in one of the fishbowls to win. (need water to fill pond)

Porkchop Speedway

Porkchop Speedway | Amusement Rentals for 2014


Race your battery-operated piggy to the finish line. The first piggy to finish first, Wins!


Prizes Galore

Prizes Galore | Inflatable companies in NJ

Airplanes, superballs, plush animals and dozens of other fun prizes to choose from.

Rat Run

Rat Run | Rent Carnival Games DE

Whose rat will cross the finish line first? These battery operated rats run randomly so you never know whose rat will win.

Shooting Gallery

Shooting Gallery | Shooting Games for Rent PA

Description: our crossbow with velcro tipped darts at the velcro backdrop covered with colorful animals.

The Vault

Description: the-vault

Get your thumb trigger ready! Do you have the speed to keep up with the moving lights? Choose from 1 of 4 difficulty levels, then you have 30 seconds to stop the orbiting White lights on the Red lights. Progress through all 5 rounds to Win!

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Velcro Golf

Velcro Golf |circus party rentalsDescription:

A colorful backdrop designed to look like a real golf hole with a sand trap, water and the green. The object is to chip the golf ball as close to the hole as possible. The special Velcro golf balls stick to the backdrop. (6’W X 6’H screen)