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Balloon Battle


Play the ultimate water balloon battle!  Opponents go to opposing battle stations with buckets of water balloons.  Each battle station has a water balloon launcher.  Place a balloon in the launcher, pull down on the handle, aim, and fire!  Your balloon soars through the air and comes crashing down on your opponent’s battle station.  There are strategically placed slots and holes in the structure that allows the water to come through.  You might get sprinkled, sprayed, or saturated, but watch out, retaliation comes quickly….!


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Blizzard Mist Fan-Watch Video

Blizzard Mist Fan | carnival in NJDescription:
A light mist is dispersed into the air by this high powered fan, otherwise known as the outdoor air conditioner. The mist fan can lower temperatures to 35 degrees, ensuring that blistering outdoor environment can be transformed into a comfortable and pleasant experience.

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Chill Out Mist Tent

mist-tent   Description:

If you need a place to “chill out” on a hot day, then come and hang in one of our cool misting tents. (Available in 10’x10′ tent or 20′ x 10′ tunnel)


Foam Party – Watch Video

Foam Dance Party | Party Rentals in New York | Bar Mitzvah EntertainmentDescription:
Using one of the newest and most innovative technology concepts we bring you our foam filled inflatable  pit. Using our specially formulated foam we fill the pit with bubbles that are safe, hypoallergenic and non-toxic.(that won’t hurt your eyes or clothing!)

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Silly Shower


Silly Shower provides all the fun of a dunk tank, with None of the Water Issues! The water is treated and recirculated so that there is no leakage and the Silly Shower rental can be used indoors and outdoors.


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Water Dodgeball- Watch Video

Water Dodgeball | Water Slides for Rent NJ, PA, MDDescription:

The Amazing new Water Dodge ball has arrived! The object of the game is to throw your ball at any of the 3 Water Dodge Ball targets. Once a target is hit it releases a blast of water that the “Splash Victim” in the splash zone has to try and avoid. This game generates tons of excitement for all involved.

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Water Wars

Water Wars | Party Rentals New YorkDescription:
Step inside your battle station and prepare to wage war with water balloons! Take aim with your slingshot and launch your balloon, soaking your opponent. (fencing and turf not included).

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