Choose The Best Activities For Your Spring Fling

Well, the groundhog has risen out of his lair, and guess what? No more winter! Phil sees spring time ahead, and great weather coming for the rest of us. As such, it’s critical that for those of you in college, or really those of you planning any spring fling event of any kind, to get on your job and get to planning! Spring flings are popular, and for good reason: what better way to promote and celebrate the coming of warmer weather with all of your closest friends?

But if you are tasked with planning one of these things, well, you sure can get quite the headache. After all, they aren’t the easiest things to plan, full of countless obstacles and difficulties, from raising money, to publicizing the event, to finding fun stuff for people to do so they can enjoy the party. But fear not! There are things you can use and ways you can make the perfect spring fling at your college this year.


Why Not An Obstacle Course?

Choose The Best Activities For Your Spring Fling | Inflatable Rentals PA, NJWe provide amazing and fun obstacle courses in a variety of ways for people planning a spring fling. You can choose one out and make it into a contest between participants, with rewards at the end and the fun of having to go through the course itself in the first place. Watch as your friends fall over each other, and enjoy the fun that comes with it for your college outdoor event this spring.




Slides And Slip-n-Slides   

Choose The Best Activities For Your Spring Fling | Inflatable Rentals PA, NJIf you’ve got water, and you’ve got an open space, you’ve no doubt got a slip and slide. But what about a good old fashioned slide to have some fun while you’re partying and enjoying the weather with your friends? We have slides to offer that take place in all ranges, and provide a lot of different options for whatever you may need when it comes to having some fun. It doesn’t matter your market, we’re sure a slide can make it happen for your fraternity or sorority, or other college event!


In all, the springtime is a great time to get out there and enjoy the beautiful weather, but it’s hard to do it if you don’t have the right materials. For that, you need to get together with us and see what we can come up with to provide for you a memorable experience and a ton of fun this year at college!

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