Guideline for Planning A Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Planning a Bar/Bat Mitzvah can be incredibly stressful.  We found a great step by step guide to planning your event.  Just Follow the timeline and you’ll have a fantastic, stress free event!

Two Years Beforehand

Choose a date and time for the Bar/Bat Mitzvah:

Dates get taken quickly, so the sooner you get your slot the better.
It’s best to consult with your synagogue.

Contract an instructor for your child:

When your child is called to the bima, he or she will be asked to sing a portion of the Torah. A competent teacher will give your child what they need to succeed in this endeavor.

One Year Beforehand

Contract reception hall:

Make sure that the hall can accommodate the amount of guests that you are inviting. Also, find out about overtime charges, if any.

Hire a disc jockey or band:

Look in on another party where the DJ or Band is playing.
Talk to them about what types of music, games and giveaways are available.

Retain a caterer:

Get some recommendations from friends. The reception hall may have some recommendations, or they may have an in-house caterer. You may be able to get a good deal by booking both. Ask about a tasting interview where you can sample hor hors d’oeuvres and main courses.

Nine Months Beforehand

Start child’s religious instruction:

Your hired instructor is a very important component in the preparation for the Bar/Mitzvah ceremony. Once-a-week lessons will help build confidence and ease any nervous feelings felt during the actual ceremony.

Six Months Beforehand

Select and order your invitations:

A competent printer will be able to assist you with the selection and creation of your invitations. Remember, there are a mind-boggling amount of different styles and typefaces to choose from. Choose a style that fits your child’s personality and your budget.

Three Months Beforehand

Complete your guest list:

Your final tally should be given to the caterer, florist and reception hall, since it affects the food amount, number of centerpieces and number of tables, respectively.

Two Months Beforehand

Send out your invitations:

Be sure to include directions to the synagogue and reception hall.

Touch base with the caterer and finalize catering arrangements:

This is a good idea, especially if you have any last minute food changes to make.

Order your centerpieces and party favors:

Centerpieces may be ordered from your florist. Party favors may be ordered from your local party center, online, or from a mail-order catalog.

Decide on those called to the bima for an aliyah:

Talk with your Rabbi about this.

Three Weeks Beforehand

Finalize seating arrangements:

Use a table chart, which you can easily make.

Create your placecards:

You may do this yourself or have your printer do it.

One Week Beforehand

Wrap your party favors:

Simple party bags with handles are OK and can be purchased at any local party store.


Music: Band, solo musician or DJ.
Caterer: On or off the premises.
Florist: Ceremony and centerpieces.

The Day Of Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Final all-around check:

Ceremony and reception.

Thanks to Creative Carnivals and Events for the great guide.

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