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Circus Time Amusements has been in operation since 1986.  For 25 years they have been providing quality amusement with the most innovative pieces in their vast collection.  No matter how small or big your event is, they can help you.  If you want slides, mechanical rides, carnival style games, arcade games, table games, bounce houses, photo booths and more they can accommodate your every wish!  Circus Time is fully licensed and insured.

If it’s fun and interaction you want then check out these games:

Alien Laser Tag

This fully inflatable Alien spaceship being becomes the ultimate Laser Tag game.  Tag someone first or you may get tagged!  Play this popular game for hours of fun and exercise!  Six players at a time can enjoy ducking, hiding, and shooting!  The last player standing wins the game!

The Amazing Maze

Go left, no go right…wait go back!  This fully interactive game will have your senses going crazy as you try to figure out the crazy winding passages to make it to the exit.

Big Foot Races

Big Foot Races

Big Foot Races

Take two teams of three people each and step on the boards that you have to lift like your own feet with ropes and you have a zany race!  Teams must work together in order to make their way to the finish line.  This game also has an inflatable track that is available or you can use it on the grass.

Boulderdash – Can You Survive?

Two opponents face off head to head running through as they zig zag along the foam-raised platforms.  As they do this they have to dodge the swinging foam boulders that are coming at you from six different onlookers!  The first one to make it all the way through without falling off will win the game!

Rocky Mountain Wall Climb

Once you are all harnessed in you can begin your ascent up the twenty-foot rock wall by climbing your way to the top!  All climbers are fully equipped with the proper climbing gear as well as being monitored safely by a staff member who is fully trained.  The inflatable cushion surrounds the base to provide additional safety.  Both sides can be used at once.

Velcro Web

Eager participants will get suited up in loop and hook suits.  Then they fling off of the inflatable bounce pad and land on the sticky wall!  To make it to the top to claim the win you will need strength and agility to stick properly.

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