Liven Up Your Post Prom in New Jersey With Amusement Rentals from Circus Time

Rent Obstacle Course New Jersey | After Prom New JerseyAre you the one lucky enough to be planning the post prom for your school this year?  Post prom planning can be very frustrating.  Most of the time, it’s the parents of the Junior class doing the planning and they have no experience whatsoever making the plans.  If they’re lucky there will at least be a planning book passed down from year to year, but the truth is, if you really want something spectacular then you need to start with new ideas.  Here are some tips to help you liven up your post prom in New Jersey with Amusement Rentals from Circus Time.

Choosing a theme for the post prom will sometimes make it easier to find just the right amusements and entertainment.  You can choose a theme that matches the actual prom although you don’t have to.  Some of the best after proms we’ve seen have been a completely different  than the prom itself.

Budget is always an important part of the plans.  The majority of prom committee’s start their fund raising in the fall of the previous year.  But even if your school hasn’t done this, you might still be ok with just a few phone calls.  A lot of after prom committee’s don’t even think about the possibility of corporate sponsorship for their prom event.  A few phone calls to the right local business owners can go a long way to help increase your budget.

If you’ve decided on a budget and a theme, the next step is to choose the activities for your event.  This step is one you need to take as soon as possible.  Although you can sometimes get equipment at the last minute, it’s highly unlikely you’ll get those really cool new activities that the kids love.

Here are just a few suggestions for some activities everyone will enjoy.

Liven Up Your Post Prom in New Jersey | Sports Games


Sports Games are always fun for post proms and graduation parties.  Teens love to compete and Circus Time has sports games everyone will enjoy.  Games like an inflatable basketball challenge or bouncy boxing ring.  How about a mini golf course?  Or an inflatable “Sports Blast” that offers it all!


Watch the video of “Sports Blast”…..


Liven Up Your Post Prom in New Jersey | Mechanical Bull Rental


Of course, a Mechanical Bull is ALWAYS a hit.  And even though the bull is usually considered part of a western theme, it doesn’t seem to matter.  Mechanical bulls seem to fit in one way or another with any type of theme you can think of.



Arcade Games are a sure hit too.  Whether you choose a sports bar type of set up or just a regular arcade set up, you’ll find that they’re popular with everyone.  Actually, even the adult chaperones seem to enjoy the arcade games.

Liven Up Your Post Prom in New Jersey | Photo Booth Rentals


Photo Booth Rentals have become extremely popular in the past few years.  If you want a photo booth in New Jersey though, you really need to get it ordered quickly.  Photo Booth Rentals are HOT right now!




These are just a few of the great games offered by  Circus Time Amusements and Entertainment.  Check out our entire website and you’ll see all types of ways to liven up your post prom in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland & Delaware.  And we’re not limited to just those areas.  If you see something you want or if you need more suggestions, just give us a call or use our easy contact form.  We’re ALWAYS here to help!

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