Planning the Bar Mitzvah Party That Guarantees Fun!

Bar Mitzvah Party | Bar Mitzvah New York, New Jersey, PennsylvaniaBat Mitzvah and Bar Mitzvah celebrations have become more elaborate and bigger with each passing year.  The majority of persons would like his or her party to be the best, biggest as well as most memorable of all of them.  So how is this achieved?  This article will highlight a number of the most popular and largest trends and factors of Bar Mitzvah, as well as bring to light the best methods of making your event an unforgettable and unique one.  Follow these tips and you’ll be on the way to planning the Mitzvah Party that Guarantees Fun!

Event Venue

The venue is among the most essential factors of any Mitzvah party.  The majority of them are held in reception spaces inside of a synagogue or in a hotel event rooms.  You should endeavor to do something new.  A great option is having an outdoors Bat Mitzvah or Bar Mitzvah, if you weather allows for such a location.  If you reside in a big city, make use of the rooftop of a tall building.  If you reside in a city that does not have tall buildings or an area that is more rural, make use of a park that is lushly landscaped.  Another obvious choice is the beach.  This will provide your event with a natural feel as well as provide you with the flexibility of introducing aspects that are rarely seen at Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah, such as animals, foam machines and inflatable items.  Of course there has to be a backup plan should the weather turn bad; either a backup venue or large tents, in the event that you see possible trouble beforehand.


Here is a great place in which you can allow your creative juices to flow.  Ensure that foods which represent the Bar or Bat Mitzvah are incorporated on the menu. If her name is Jody, try to serve foods that begins with a J or foods that take the shape of a J.  Bare in mind that the more original the food is, the better the celebration will be.  Just make sure that taste is not sacrificed for originality.  At all times, sample prior to buying and steer clear of foods that trigger allergic reaction.


A DJ will definitely add a lot to your event; however, everybody has one.  Why not fore go the DJ and go for more original types of entertainment?  For example, a good comedian can be hired as a source of entertainment.  For the children, hiring a magician may be a great idea.  While face painters, caricature artists and other single person entertainment might seem like a good idea, they encourage less interaction.  Despite the fact that virtual reality has become more and more popular in recent times, it also falls within the less interaction category.

However there are some fantastic interactive games available that guarantee a successful Bar Mitzvah Party.  Circus Time Amusements offers the best of them all.   Maybe you want to entertain your crowd with a mechanical bull or rodeo roper.  If you have tall ceilings or your event is outdoors there are some fantastic interactive games that are especially enjoyed by teens.  The bungee run is always a hit….as is the gladiator joust.  Of course, you’ll never go wrong with an obstacle course and Circus Time has a huge assortment of obstacle courses.

So, if you’re planning a Bar Mitzvah Party That Guarantees Fun, just think Circus Time and you’ll have the perfect addition to your event.


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