Planning Your Own New Jersey Rodeo – Rent a Mechanical Bull!

Who says a Yankee can’t ride a bucking bronco, or how about a bull? Your next event may be your first rodeo, and, no bull, it might easily be the first of many. Bull riding isn’t just for southerners or cowboys of the west, thanks to Circus Time. No you can rent a mechanical bull for your party anywhere in New Jersey and the surrounding states and learn to ride like a pro. Cowboys and cowgirls aren’t born, they’re made. Make your next event a rodeo of a new kind with a mechanical bull from Circus Time.

 New Jersey Rodeo | Rent a Mechanical Bull Learn to ride the bull safely and without worries. It’s better to ride a slow bull the first few times as opposed to going wild.   Mechanical bulls from Circus Time are specially designed with safety in mind. The bull will shut off and stop moving instantly when a rider falls, so there is no chance of getting snarled and thrown about.

Your next event could be “amateur rodeo night at the company corral.” It is quite fun just to watch others ride the bull-just look at the crowds that are drawn to rodeos. Even if you grew up in New Jersey and cowboy country is another planet to you, you’ve surely seen a rodeo or two on TV. And what event do they show the most? Bull riding of course. It is always the main attraction. AT the nation’s biggest western rodeos, the only events that match bull riding are big country bands.

So your next event could be a country-western theme, complete with a band and other hoe-down events including, of course, bull riding. There are plenty of ways to set up a good country theme for your next event that has bull riding as a main attraction. If your event is smaller and indoors, you can easily adapt to have a country and western bar theme. We’ve all seen such bar scenes in beer ads and other commercials, and face it, we all wished we could have a turn to ride the bull.

Wish no more, because Circus Time has your mechanical bull waiting for you for any party in New Jersey and the surrounding area. Grab your cowboy hat and Circus Time will take care of the rest. At your next event, Bull riding can be enjoyed without broken bones-and without breaking the bank.

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