Challenges of Motivating Oneself

Hello CJs, though this post is not about bullying, it is about Emotional Intelligence.

One of the EI attributes that is giving me some issues today is “motivating oneself”. I got off track with doing my yoga/meditation everyday. I keep promising myself that I will get me back to Curves. I came so close today. But I just didn’t make it. I was sitting here thinking how I use to motivate myself to go into Curves at the end of a long work day. I use to promise me a reward. Karen, I will make you pork chops. Karen, I will buy you Turkey Hill ice cream. None of these are working. Someone, please come up with a new reward/incentive!!!! Oh no, I may have to be a grown up EI adult and let the reward be feeling good. This going to take a lot of positive self-talk. I can do this?

Thanks for joining me on my Stop Bullying Blog. How do you motivate yourself to do the things that are really good for you that you resist? Please share with me your ideas!!!!


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