Moms can be Bullies on a Bad Day

Hello CJs

Yesterday I talked about positive self-talk/my experience at Graterford Prison. Positive self-talk is the equalizer for being able to regulating one’s moods, an EI attribute. Life can be a pain in the butt. During a day, we can experience a myriad of emotions. Some of them challenging. The day starts with morning routine with the possibility of frustrations, bad hair, kid trauma. Off to work you go. There you have people with their stuff. Then errands with grumpy kids or employees. Home again with homework, bills, dinner, etc. Being able to remain stable, contained and sane definitely rocky. Take a breath, say something/several wonderful things to yourself as in “I am a good mom!” It helps!

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Have you had a day like this, you wonderful mother, you??? Please try this and let me know! Looking forward to your feedback.


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