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Life is a series of actions that affects us. My son’s illness has given me many new lessons and awareness. The most important one is that since my learning how to be emotionally intelligent, I have been able to endure this nightmare with relative calm and perspective. That doesn’t mean that I am not sad and hurting. I use my EI skills everyday. I share positive thinking with others(gifts of love). I choose happy thoughts when the negative overwhelms me. Being the caregiver, I stop and appreciate myself and the role I am engaged in acknowledging my goodness and kindness(so important for caregivers), to self-soothe when I am beyond frustrated with doctors and hospital staff, I stop and say I messages to calm me down so I can have clarity of thought once again. I try to forgive the ignorance of those that need to pay more attention to the details I share about being my son’s legal guardian and what that means. This is a hard one as they are always testing me on this one. I do not let the doctors intimate me and believe me that is new behavior on my part.

I try to maintain a sense of humor with my son and my family and friends even when it is just so bleak. And most important, I try to remember all the goodness in my life and be grateful for all the love and support that is coming my way. Yup, I use my EI skills every day. What would I do without them. I don’t even want to think about that. I know how different I am now from when my son was small and I had so many challenges to face. I didn’t have all this to support me and guide me.

We will do this together! I will be sharing the seven EI abilities one at a time and how you can make this a part of your daily activities and your family times.

Please let me know how I can help you and please write me your thoughts.

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