The Unexpected Importance of Service

Hello CJs,

This past week I have been volunteering at Bancroft. My son, Darren, spent 20 years of his life as part of this wonderful organization. They are my family. I appreciate being able to continue my service there. They surround me with love and warmth that is healing keeping me connected to Darren’s purposeful and cherished life. My favorite project Staff Appreciation is in progress. I am grateful for this opportunity for it also helps me tap into my own feelings of worth even at this difficult time.

Service is very important in building a strong sense of self for it demonstrates to us our inherent goodness/kindness. Stay tuned tomorrow for how important this is in developing EI.

Engaging children in service is paramount in reducing bullying. Thanks for joining me on my Stop Bullying Blog. Please share your comments with me.

Working on link to my store. Stay tuned for that too!


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