We Can Stop Bullying, “One Emotionally Intelligent Child At A Time!!

Hello Everyone!

I am delighted that you chose to visit this site. I am here to help all those who are victims of bullying. I have been one. There is a way to stop it! Becoming Emotionally Intelligent gives you the skills to address those who continue to abuse and belittle others emotionally. The stronger and less vulnerable you become, the less you will be a target. It takes courage and a willingness to change your behaviors that will bring you a more emotionally safe environment in which to live, love and be happy.

I will be blogging different ways to join a community of emotionally intelligent children and adults. Help me share this information with your family and friends. We can create a bully free world and especially bully free schools….one emotionally intelligent human being at a time. Please read my About Karen to better understand my 30 year committment to having a more emotionally save world. The internet is now giving me a forum in which to share this commitment and to reach so many.