New Year’s Eve Activities in NJ for the Entire Family

FUN and Holiday Entertainment are the two factors that keep us sane during the end of the year. Of course, the New Year eclipses the end of the holiday season. The right  New Year’s Eve Activities in NJ can provide the perfect end to the holiday season.

Alien Pinball | Carnival Game Rentals from Circus Time

Alien Pinball

The school children are looking for a final break before returning to the school and homework burden.  Although it’s easy to find activities for adults on New Year’s Eve, many families are in search of recreation ideas that they can enjoy with the entire family.

Unique Entertainment Attractions | Shooting Games NJ | 2014 Amusements

Bowman Challenge

More and more these days, families are grouping together in a venue to allow fun and entertainment for all ages.  Neighbors enjoy New Year’s Eve parties together.  This is a safer and less expensive way to enjoy the holiday and it’s absolutely a great way to bring in the New Year.

Children: – Clint Eastwood might have preferred horses, but the modern cowboy prefers to ride the Bungee Bull. This ride allows all ages to experiment their fantasies with their friends without getting hurt in the game The Simulated bull supported by springs is a real bull ride in the wild west for the young ones (or old) with simulated safe fights.

Children and Teens –  love obstacle courses.  The trick is finding a safe obstacle course that still offers a challenge.   Climbing walls, going through pipes and sliding down the slopes and finally the destination makes any obstacle course unique, but if you choose one of the obstacle courses offered by Circus Time Amusements you’ll have a guaranteed hit!

Families: – There are some brand new games & rides available for 2014 that families will absolutely love.  Consider the “Alien Pinball”, described as “Enjoy our “out-of-this-world” pinball game. Pull a lever and watch as the multi-colored balls go racing through space. How many points can you land on?”

Or try the “Bowman Challenge”.  Here is the description off the Circus Time Website.  “Get ready to test your eye-hand coordination! Aim your bow and arrow at one of the hovering balls, shoot and try to knock a ball down.  Bowman Challenge brings a safe way to play archery with its soft tip darts. Fun for all ages, this activity enhances upper body strength and helps develop self discipline.”

The Cruisin World Drive Simulator “allows players to choose from any of 12 countries ranked by difficulty, or they can drive the entire world through 14 tracks using 12 different cars (plus secret and player-customized cars) that can perform wheelies, jumps, flips and short cuts. Its an amazing journey that Cruis’n World can only deliver.”

Of course these last 3 games are perfect for indoor event activities.  For some great other ideas, visit the Circus Time “New for 2014” page.

If you are still confused about the best amusements for families on New Year’s Eve, then make it easy on yourself.  Call the experts at Circus Time and they will help you plan an event they will talk about all year long!

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