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Balloon Artist

Have an animal balloonist stroll around your next event. They bring a variety of balloons and can mingle with the children and adults or you can have them set up a stand and let the lines begin. Everyone loves Animal Balloons.


Each drawing is a one-of-a-kind souvenir. A sure way to make your next event truly memorable. It’s unique, entertaining and fun for people of all ages… even if they only want to watch!

Black & White > 3-5 minutes each            

Color > 6 – 10 minutes each

Your guests will have the option of being sketched by themselves in whatever situation (i.e. sport, hobby, occupation) they desire or as part of a 2-person picture (great for couples!). We can customize our paper with a special message or image and work on colored paper for children’s parties.

Please note: The drawing time is approximate and depends on the complexity of the theme being illustrated and the cooperation of the subject. Materials, art style and drawing speed varies from artist to artist.


Let us entertain your guests with superb music and dancing.

The younger set can be entertained with games and contests.

Face Painters

Full Face Painting or simple partials.  Whatever your function or theme, make it a truly happy ending.  Perfect for any group.No party would be complete without the talented face painter. The artist brings a large portfolio of art to be applied either to the entire face or just the cheek. Then the artist sprinkles their fairy dust and “Voila!” a glittery, animated face looks into a mirror and smiles.

For centuries cultures have been fascinated with the magic and mystery of face painting, tattooing and body art. Using today’s hypoallergenic paints, glitters and tattoos we achieve the same results of our ancient ancestors


Enjoy fun for children and adults with this extraordinary act. The juggler will juggle, balls, pins, spin plates and even jump rope. All of this with plenty of audience participation, music, magic and laughter.