Circus Time was founded over 36 years ago by Mitch aka “Captain Fun”. After 25 years as an elementary and high school teacher, Mitch¬† brings fun to both children and adults with our vast inventory of amusements. Starting the company initially with just a moon bounce and train ride, he added new rides and fun each year, expanding the business to what it is today. Mitch was joined full time by his son Todd, who is now known as “Son of Fun”.

Circus time is dedicated to service, providing quality amusements and entertainment, making their clients the most important priority. Circus Time’s professional services include delivering, setting up and coordinating the fun. We are not limited by mileage, traveling any distance to bring you our fun.We do not subcontract! Circus Time owns all of its own equipment. We are experts in bringing smiles and laughter to both children and adults.

Our Staff

Safety is our top priority! Our in house staff is consistently being trained in accordance to industry standards. Circus Time currently has staff that are licensed PA Inspectors. Every new hire brought on is trained by these certified in-house staff.


Meet Our Staff

Todd Weinstock
President/Owner “Son of Fun”
[email protected]
Dianna Frazier
Director of Operations
[email protected]
Joe Martinez
Senior Sales Manager/Event Team Leader
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Carlton Syms
Warehouse Supervisor/Event Crew Member