Pt 4 New Jersey Corporate Picnic Planning – Information Campaign

Part 4 of a 4 part series that will walk you through each step of planning the best company picnic your group has every had!  We make it easy…just follow these simple steps!


You need to start getting the word out about your picnic beginning approximately one month out. Don’t start signing people up too early though. If it is more than a month away, most people will probably just sign up for the heck of it.

There are many great ways that you can let people know about the picnic. Talk it up in meetings, put an article in the company newsletter, attach notes to payroll or put up posters or flyers in strategic locations all around the building. When you book with us, you receive a FREE Event Promo kit which includes lots of full color, customizable posters, prize samples and your own Event News flyers that has all of your picnic information as well as pictures of the games and activities offered.

Let people know about the prizes you will be giving away. “We are giving away _____ dollars and you must present to win.”

At most corporate events, prices or gifts are given away to reward employees, boost morale and show employee appreciation. It is not enough to just have several nice prizes or large cash rewards without announcing in advance what will be given away. The biggest mistake we think that companies can make in planning for an event is spending a ton on prizes and then not posting what will be given away well in advance of the corporate event.

We have had several clients struggle with attendance and they usually decide to cut activities for future events (and may end up not having future events at all) because of poor attendance. The ironic thing is that many of these companies have really great prizes but the employees don’t know about them.

Likewise, you can also do less on prizes if you really promote the event itself. The games and activities are great for the whole family, etc.

Raffles are another way to spark interest in the picnic. Many of our clients ask for donations from other companies and their vendors. It takes time to solicit raffle prizes, so it should be the job of the entire committee, not just a single person!

When you are a week out from the date of the event, do your best to get the word out and stir up interest. It is up to the coordinator and the picnic committee to get people to come to the event and the week before the picnic is the critical time to make the big push announcing the event.

If the event is to be held off grounds, make sure that everyone gets a map to the event site. Send e-mails that will serve as last minute reminders to every employee.


Get lots of sleep the night before the event. Show up to the picnic early and take care of any payment arrangements with your vendors or Entertainment Company right then. Now, take a deep breath and relax! You have worked hard to make this day special for everyone who attends and you should enjoy it, too!



Since the party starts when the invitation arrives, try some of these ideas to start excitement about the event weeks before the picnic date and answer any typical questions guests may have.

  • For added fun, invite your employees’ children and ask them to bring their parents.
  • Write the invitation using language that compliments the theme, such as words like “chow” or “vittles” for a western theme.
  • Include not only the date but the day of the week to avoid any confusion.
  • Include an RSVP date and reply information.
  • Designate it as a “rain or shine event” of if there is a rain date.
  • Include the start and stop times of the event.
  • When possible, help arrange a car pool service for people with transportation problems.



Many people assume that their business liability insurance will cover them during an off-site party. Depending on your policy, that might not be the case. You should insist that any vendors you have hired for your event are covered with a minimum of a $1 million policy. Your vendors should show their coverage on your copy of their service contract, as well as provide you with a valid certificate that shows this.

Above all, make sure that your company picnic is an event that will be looked forward to not only by your employees’ and their families, but also by yourself. After all, don’t you deserve a wonderful day in the great outdoors, too?

If you have any questions or ways that we could enhance your event even more please let us know. If we have the opportunity to work with you this year, we guarantee to make your event Successful, Memorable and FUN!


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