2014 The Year To Bring Bullying To Its Knees

I posted this in January but was unable to get it to Facebook until today. I am sharing this old post with you because it says a great deal about what is happening in my life.


I have been silent for several months as my son lost his battle with melanoma in late October. Many people have shared with me that I helped make many of his dreams come true. He led a full life as a person with disabilities and he was and is not only my Creator of Joy(CJ) but also all who knew him. He touched so many and he leaves a legacy rich in kindness, gentleness, compassion, unconditional love, humor and joy. He is and will be sorely missed now and for always.

I love you, Dar, you are perfect just the way you are!DSCN0159

Darren was and is my inspiration for my commitment to Emotional Intelligence and my program, The Voices of CJ,”. Losing Darren has only fueled my longtime dream and desire to put bullying to rest once and for all. With your help and your willingness to step up to the plate and begin to share and incorporate the attributes of emotional intelligence in your everyday activities, we will create emotionally safe environments for children and adults alike. This is as important as any cause for this affects the emotional lives of so many and the choices they make. Their choices affect all of us each and every day.

I need your help. Let me know what you are able to do even if it is to remember to say a positive remark to all you come in contact with tomorrow. We Are The Voices We Hear!

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