As Promised…How do Emotionally Intelligent People Self-Soothe and Calm Themselves

Hello Friends,
If you are a follower of Dancing With The Stars, you would have seen Candance B. having anxiety about doing live TV. She was filmed meeting with a sports counselor who gave her tips on how to overcome this problem.

Lo and Behold…the suggestions were to do deep breathing and to begin positive self-talk with also saying affirmations about your abilities. “I am confident when performing on live TV.” The repetition of this affirmation and others changes your energy.

Here is a fun thing to try with your children and friends that proves this phenomenon. Hold your arm out and repeat a positive affirmation a few times and have someone try and get your arm down. You will hold strong and they will not be able to get your arm down. Then say a negative statement a few times and with your arm out once again, you will not be able to hold strong. Yes, this is how an emotionally intelligent child or adult can learn to self-soothe and calm down. It is easy and that is just what Candace said. The proof was in the pudding last night.

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