Being a Great Helper Builds An Important EI Attribute

Hello CJs

Yesterday I talked about service and its link to Emotional Intelligence. It is interesting. The ability to control impulses and delay gratification(one of the 7 attributes of EI) is developed by being a great helper. You build feelings of capable, responsible, dependable, flexible, kindness/goodness. When you are helping you make mistakes/have to redo things, do things you don’t like to do, be courteous,work as a team. You control your own needs to meet someone else’s. Thank yous come later or there is no thank you, just a knowing you made a difference.
So, if the right messages are given when children help, they learn these attributes, controlling impulses and delaying gratification.

Helping others especially those less fortunate, is a great equalizer for our bullies and if they are given the right feedback, they too can develop this important attribute of Emotional Intelligence.

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