Perfect Just The Way We Are!!!!

Hello CJs

Today I was sitting in my garden and loving my beautiful flowers. Flowers have always had a very special meaning for me. They have always reflected back to me the many colors, shapes and sizes that we all are to each other. No one prettier than another just unique unto themselves as we are. This perspective of flowers came to me when I was attempting to figure out where I fit in and what I believed about the world around me. Even in the winter time, I love to have flowers in my home to remind me of the preciousness of life and how colorful and fragile life is. The flowers in my garden need to be nurtured and protected as do we all especially our children so they can grow up in kindness and love.

Looking forward to your comments on my stop bullying blog. It is important that we see each other as unique, different but Perfect Just the Way We Are!!!!!

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I Love You , You Are Perfect Just The Way You Are
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