Selfie Booth

Selfie BoothDescription:

Get all the perks of a photo booth with out the high cost.  Step inside the booth made up of piping, black drapes, valance,  your choice of 1 of 4 backdrops, and fun props, then have your friend, parent, sibling, significant other snap a picture with their/your smart phone and/or digital camera.

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selfie photos







Backdrops Include:

  1.       Red CarpetGPGE_16966390-RedCarpet_84x60-NEW
  2. City ScapeGPGE_16965969-PB-City_84x60-NEW
  3. WantedGPGE_16965969-PB-Wanted_84x60
  4. Wood GrainGPGE_16966390-Wood_84x60


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