Why Are Bullies Deprived/Lack of Gratefulness

Hello CJs,

In my last post, I said in the title that bullies were deprived and that is why they were not able to be grateful for who they are and for who other people are to them.

Bullies have not heard the voices that allow them to know themselves as good, kind and compassionate beings. They have been bullied themselves and it is all they know. Yes, we are the voices we hear. We act like the voices we hear. EI behaviors and activities teach how to interact with good, kind and compassionate voices. Learned as a child, it becomes who you are. These skills are not just part of our development, they must be learned.

Bullies have been deprived of all the voices that the EI behaviors and skills teach. Gratefulness is one of the skills that is so important in being emotionally intelligent. This skill helps you to persist in the face of frustration. For when things aren’t going your way, being grateful for all you have and are, gets you to the next action that takes you out of victim and delivers you to seeking help and moving forward.

Believe me, it works for being grateful has gotten me through the worst of times.
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