Why do We Have So Much Bullying?

Hello CJs,

Bullying is an interesting phenomena. As we pass recipes and traditions down from one generation to another, we also pass our forms of communication and relating. It is what we do. It has become an even greater dilemma as we now have technology to help with the way we can taunt, tease, hurt, and gossip. It now goes viral in a matter of moments and that includes our youngest members of society too. Our children model our behaviors and our language. They also find new and creative ways to engage in an age old habit and manner of speaking.

Technology has also helped us to bring this problem to the awareness of many. This is good news and bad news. For it has only gotten worse with its exposure and its detrimental effects on so many.

We come into this world for the most part as basically loving and sensitive beings who have been desensitized throughout our upbringing and adult lives by blocking those feelings that are painful and yet we unconsciously play those feelings out in our behavior and actions in our families, workplaces and social arenas. Thank you technology for making it public.

However, we can now use technology in a very positive way. We can stop the generational passing on of these actions and behaviors that are hurtful and considered “bullying” by just becoming aware of how important it is to raise a new generation of children whose communication and relational actions are positive, loving, and sensitive to the fact that it is never okay to speak in voices that hurt and destroy the human spirit.

Thank you for joining me and helping me to start a movement that believes, “We Are The Voices We Hear!”

Please comment and join me in this movement. I so need your help. Please pass this on to whomever you think would appreciate or need this blog.


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