Why don’t you drop your inflatables off (i.e Giant Slides, Obstacle Courses..et cettera)?

More often than none we are presented with the question, why don’t you drop off your inflatables and let our parents/volunteers operate them? Safety is our main priority!  Inflatables i.e moon bounces, giant slides and obstacle courses) are exciting additions to any special event creating a fun atmosphere for the ongoers, and when not setup/operated properly can cause catastrophic events.  Over the years, we here at Circus Time have identified the main causes for incidents to occur when our trained professionals are not present.  Almost all significant injuries fell into one of these categories, Lack of Supervision, Overloaded Inflatables, Not Anchored Properly, and Sudden Deflation:

  • Lack of Trained Supervision

 According to US Consumer Product Safety commissioner the number one cause of injuries is the lack of supervision. Many local     companies offering inflatable rentals also offer provide a discounted rate of delivering their equipment and letting you (the client) assume liability.   small or large drop all varieties of inflatables off.

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