Bullies really don’t feel superior! Just Inadequate.

Hello CJs

The 2nd negative thought we all have at some time is, “They’re better than I am.”
Are they better, or different? We all have our place in this world molded by past generations, where we were born, circumstances surrounding our birth. Yet, there is a common denominator. We are all humans born with an intelligence, emotions, feelings. We all have the capacity to choose kindness/respect. Let’s teach our children that we may be different, unique but no one is better. Let’s be emotionally intelligent each day. Watch your world then the world around us change for the better. The domino effect begins with you. Each of us has a part to play no part more important than another. #3 tomorrow.

Have you had this thought? What did you do about it? Did you change it?

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My Best, Karen

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