Do Bullies Have This Thought Every Day?

The #3 negative thought that most of us have is, “Can something just go right for once.” We do go through periods in our lives where things come in 3s or maybe more. Children experience this too when they are having troubles at school or with peers. They also listen carefully to our language/our reactions and model them. I learned this personally, huge lesson! Do we play victim, use victim language, for how long? Being a victim does not bring resolution. It doesn’t change the flow of energy. However, we do have a choice. An EI attribute of persisting in the face of frustration, asks us to focus on the positive, be grateful for those small moments in hard times. It so works. It teaches our children how to deal with real life in a very positive way and it helps bring answers and help.

How do you handle hard times? Do you like being a victim? Please share with me.

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Gratefully yours, Karen

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