Changes to This Website…Not a Walk in the Park

Hello CJs

Another EI Attribute Saves the Day! This So Works even if you are the victim of bullying.

Today I was a victim of my website. Frustration and then more frustration. But I did win! I did persist in the face of frustration( one of the 7 EI attributes). I kept saying to myself. I am grateful that at my age…(1) I can see the computer screen without my glasses (2) I have all my passwords written down (3) I remembered to take a breath and not throw the computer out the window. (4) Denise was here for me to vent to. (5) I can still understand what the support people are saying (6) I work at home so no one could hear the expletives (7) I work at home so I could get my chocolate…that was the deal breaker. (8) And last but not least…I am grateful that it is time for dinner!!!!!

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