Bullies Swamp Your Ability to Think!

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Have you ever noticed that when something is bothering you, it is hard to distract yourself and think. One of the EI attributes is “Keeping Distress From Swamping the Ability to Think.” This is often the case when someone has hurt you or you have hurt someone. It could be a boss, friend, relative or just a rude person. Being able to communicate your hurt or feelings of regret or practice forgiveness is what diminishes the distress/frees up the energy for clear thinking/focus. One of the Key Characteristics for School Readiness is the capacity to communicate and admitting wrong/saying I’m sorry. How many children do you think have this characteristic? Are we teaching this to our little ones?

I believe that if we taught this skill, we would have much fewer incidents of bullying!!! All those angry feelings that bullies feel themselves would be addressed and the need to hurt others less of a need. This is a much better way to dissipate that energy that needs expression one way or another.

Children who are bullied have a difficult time with concentration and being able to stay present in school. I was one of those children. It is so much safer to go somewhere else in your mind. I missed so much and remember so little from those years. School was a challenge for me in every way. How did I get smarter once school was behind me????

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