Systems are Bullies Too

Hello CJs,

Interesting day today. I think rules need exceptions. Companies get too big/lose their personal compassion. It takes a great deal of emotional energy to rectify mistakes that they make. No one is accountable. I was passed around to 7 different departments having to tell the same story, a painful one. They were all sorry yet they could not correct a mistake a manager at their company made nor give me a reason why she made it. Daniel Goleman, the EI guru, works with companies today to re-sensitize them. For they are bullies in a different sense yet bullies they are. Empathy/compassion is not just I’m sorry but it needs kind action. Healthcare, insurance are prime examples.

I truly felt bullied today by a big system and its computers. I am sure that you all have had this experience. Systems without empathy and compassion lack emotional intelligence. We need to start fixing this!

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