Persist…the Rewards Are Many!

Hello CJs!

Since yesterday, I have a new customer care service agent who straightened it all out. I guess they didn’t want me talking to the President when he gets back from their big seminar. Like this will stop me. I would like to think it had to do with empathy/compassion. I believe fear was a motivating factor. How sad. I titled yesterday’s post, “Systems are Bullies too!” Over the years, advocating for my son, I learned how to persist. It took so much energy dealing with bureaucratic bullies. I did succeed. It’s even harder today to get these big systems to do the right thing. I am grateful I live in US and can persist without fearing for my life. Yet, we have to do better!

Do not let these big companies bully you into acceptance. Fight the battle and get them to acknowledge their humanity. It will take more of us doing this to make changes to these broken systems.

Emotional Intelligence is built by persisting in the face of frustration and feeling the gratefulness for your stamina and courage. It made me who I am today. I am more courageous and more
willing to risk my vulnerability for it has strengthened my resolve with greater emotional rewards.

Write and tell me your successes and how you feel. Sharing your successes makes them real and helps so many in the process.

Thanks for visiting my Stop Bullying Blog.

Gratefully yours, Karen

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