Helpful Little Beings/ Creators of Joy

Hello CJs! We will stop bullying, one Emotionally Intelligent Child at a time!!!

It’s summertime parents. A great time to work on social skills. You are spending more time with your children on vacations, the beach, days at the pool. Being with kind, helpful,grateful little beings helps. Here is a suggestion that helps promote EI skills leading to calmer more enjoyable quality time. Find ways for your children to help you. The greatest esteem builder of all times. It teaches them to delay their own needs(self-gratification) to meet the needs of their others (siblings, grandparents, and you). Appreciate their efforts. Reinforce the good feelings of kind, helpful, loving, smart. Ask them to share these feelings with positive self-talk. “I am kind.” “Yes, you are!”

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Helpfully yours, Karen

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