How To Respond To A Bully

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Today I was remembering times when I first began to write CJ. I had just learned about positive thinking and speaking. I thought I was one of the most positive people around. I was working on this. My children were young and I wanted to create a way to ask them to rethink what they were saying and to re-frame it in a positive way. I came up with, “Can I have a happy thought, please?” We would play this game in the car during our many carpooling hours. Guess who was asked that question more times than I could count in a car ride. They thought is was so much fun. I was devastated. How could this be, “Miss Positive Herself.”

My preschoolers that I was teaching this program too loved playing the Happy Thought Game. Teachers used it effectively to stop the children from picking on each other and it worked! Positive thoughts builds confidence an EI attribute.

You want to stop a bully cold just say, “Can I have a happy thought, please?” It takes courage and risk taking but oh does it build Emotional Intelligence. If you have teenagers, “Can I have a higher thought, please?” When you stop negative energy with positive energy, you get results. Maybe not the first time..but keep on doing it.

Love to hear your comments and please give the “Happy Thought Game” a try.

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