We Are The Voices We Hear

Hello CJs

This is a very important thought to keep in your consciousness. We only learn who we are from the voices we hear. The voices we hear as children enter our psyches and determine who we become as people. Some children never hear what is good and right with them. Generations past felt it wasn’t necessary to share positive thoughts with their children. Many of us grew up wondering what was right with us and yet knowing without a doubt what was wrong.

CJ teaches children that the best gift they give anyone is a gift of love, a kind and loving voice(a compliment), since it helps shape the people we become and how we feel about ourselves on a daily basis. EI people have empathy for others sharing positive thoughts. Children learn to experience empathy in this simple way. In learning to give gifts of love to their peers no matter what, they learn to empathize and care about the feelings of another.

So all my CJs, please share your comments…see how many gifts of love you can share today!

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