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Carousel Ride-Watch Video

Kiddy Carousel Ride for Rent | Carousel Ride Rental PA, NJ, DE, NYDescription:
Introducing the first authentic portable carousel. This classic ride has eight decorative horses that actually move up and down. Maximum number of passengers is 10 persons. One person per horse. Adult may stand next to horse. Averages 160 people/hour.

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EuroBungy – Watch Video

EuroBungy | bounce house pa Description:

Take flight and sore up to 25 feet in the air on our 4 station Eurobungy Each rider is attached to elastic bungy cords that guide them safely back to the trampoline each time they come down. Jump, flip or try something new on this gravity defying ride. It will take your breath away.

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Extreme Rock Wall – Watch Video

Take your event to new heights with our 24 foot high wall climb featuring the state-of-the-art auto belay system. Up to three people can climb at one time while fastened securely in a harness. The auto belay system automatically controls the rate of descent when the climber falls or chooses to come down from the wall.

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Gyro-Tron | Spring Fling | College Campus Activities | Party Rentals NY, NJ, PADescription:
An aeronautic experience comes alive through this manually operated ride. The gyro-tron has three rings that move independently inside one another and the rider is secured in the innermost ring. Slow, subtle force movements of the arms and legs magnify the speed of the rings.


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Lickety Split – Watch Video

Lickety Split | Kiddy Ride Rentals | Amusement Rides NY, NJ, PA, DE, MD

Get Ready for a unique two dimensional thrill ride. Grab the handles and start up the spin cycle. Look out because the ride operator then tips you up to a 30 degree angle spinning you up, down and all around. Up to six people can ride.


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Mechanical Bull – Watch Video

Mechanical Bull New York, New Jersey & Surrounding AreasDescription:
Our Mechanical bull spins and bucks simulating real bull movement. Our operator controls the level in which the bull moves so a novice to an expert can ride. What’s more important than Fun? Safety! Our bull has a soft rubber head and horns and has an automatic cut off switch so when you fall off onto our air inflated pillow it automatically stops.

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Mechanical Shark

mechanical sharkDescription:

Can you ride the hungry hammerhead? Don’t fall off or you might get eaten alive! Just like the mechanical bull you hop on, hold tight and ride as long as you can without falling off. Our shark has a safe soft rubber head and an automatic cut off switch so when you fall off onto our air inflated pillow the shark automatically stops.



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Whip Ride – Watch Video

The Whip | circus party rentalsDescription:
Go around & around on this classic 6 tub whip ride. Hold on because at the end of the circle you whip around the corner. The speed may be adjusted for different age children.  Up to 12 can ride at once and two of the cars are over-sized to accommodate an adult to ride with their child.
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Trackless Train

Trackless Train New Jersey | Carnival Ride Rentals | Amusement Ride Rentals



Ride aboard this trackless choo choo train. This train has a total of 3 attachable cars and runs on gas. Seats 12-18 small children – 4 to 6 small children per car. Rides on a hard surface or grass.

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Trampoline Thing – Watch Video

Trampoline Thing | Bungee Trampoline | Spring Fling | Bat Mitzvah EntertainmentDescription:
Imagine jumping 24 feet in the air and doing many flips consecutively without the fear of falling. The Trampoline Thing makes this possible with a highly engineered hydraulic and bungee cord system. You wear the padded Velcro harness, which is attached to twin rubber bungee cords. The hydraulic lift system automatically readjusts the height setting as you jump higher.
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Tubs Of Fun – Watch Video

Tubs Of Fun | carnival rides for rent NJDescription:
Step inside and spin, spin, spin in our Dixieland Turbo Tubs. Six tubs travel around and around while you and your friends spin your own tub like a top. Up to 24 children can ride at one time. Children and adults can enjoy this Tubs of Fun ride.

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