Percentage of Absences in Schools From Bullying is Surprising

Hello CJs,

Are children claiming to be sick because they can’t face another day of being bullied at school? All those headaches, stomach aches and aches and pains are they real or symptomatic of anxiety and stress from facing another day of dealing with a bully or plural that.

Are you as parents asking questions about the symptoms or are you taking them at face value? I know that I was never asked but that was a long time ago. It is important that parents ask these questions and delve into the possibility of your child being a victim of bullying.

Set up the scenario that your child will not be punished for faking illness if they speak the truth and share with you what is happening at school. Also, please don’t go off running to school without a plan and something your child will see as reasonable and will not cause embarrassment. For this is another fear that children have.

How do we help children self-soothe and calm those nerves. This is one of the Emotional Intelligence skills. It has an easy solution and can be accomplished quietly and in one’s own mind. Affirmations or affirming our wholeness creates positive energy gives us the ability to calm down and reduce stress. There is no clear thinking in stressful situations. We shut down or we react inappropriately. So what does an affirmation look like. It is an I message to oneself. I am lovable, I am good, I am Kind, I am courageous, I am brave, I am confident…so forth and so on until the stress is relieved.

It works by gosh…it works. Putting them up in your child’s room also helps so that they are saying them as they enter their rooms, get dressed, going to sleep.

The percentage of absences from bullying in schools today is 15%. That is just astounding. Yes, it is higher in middle and high schools. Or if 20 children are absent that day, 2 may be from bullying. And how many wanted to stay home and didn’t?

If you learn the truth, would you let your child stay home? Please comment and let me know what you would do.

Remember,” We Are The Voices We Hear!” Let’s hear and speak only good voices!

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