Post Prom Entertainment Ideas from Circus Time

With all of the Pre-Prom planning and coordinating there is to do before an actual prom event, the after prom sometimes gets over looked.  Years ago, the time after prom was often spent by renting hotel rooms for parties…or just meeting up somewhere with friends to drink.  And in some cases, drinking a lot!  Mothers Against Drunk Driving started campaigns years ago to plan organized after prom events that would allow fun but prevent their children from becoming part of a tragic statistic each year.    These days, a post prom (or after prom) is a strong part of prom night activities and the planning for this event is just as important as the prom itself.   There are all types of ways to plan a post prom.   You can theme it to match the prom, or do something entirely different.   Ever considered a home based amusement park?  Or setting up your own carnival?  How about a western themed event complete with a mechanical bull?   There are so many choices for great post prom activities that it can be hard to make the best decision on what type of fun you want to have.

This is where Post Prom Entertainment Ideas from Circus Time Amusements comes in….

Circus time Amusements has been catering to customer’s party needs for over 25 years, and because mileage is not one their limitations, they readily distribute amusement rental equipment to the areas of NJ, PA, DE, and NY. Along with each ride or inflatable attraction rental comes the correct staff person to operate and oversee its activity. Perfect for huge events with hundreds of people, and just as perfect for smaller crowds, everything is provided to get your event set up, ready to go and geared for fun. Plus, Circus Time’s two million dollar aggregate liability insurance supplies customers with piece of mind and security that lets everyone feel free to relax and engage themselves in the action!   This two million insurance policy makes it a lot easier to plan events because it more than surpasses the requires that most schools have for outside entertainment activities.

The choices for post prom games are amazing.   Everything from interactive fun, inflatable obstacle courses, water attractions, carnival games, mouth water munchies, and a ton of novelties like photo ops!  And you’ll be going it all in a fun and safe environment. Photo booths were a huge hit last year.  Building memories is ALWAYS important.  They’re sure to be a big part of the after prom action this year too.

Your post prom planning with Circus time is only limited by your imagination and sense of adventure.  Their available games range from bungee runs, to laser tag and even human foosball! Imagine your post prom adventure including the extreme rock climbing wall or trying out the world famous euro bungee!

For many planners, the ideas can be overwhelming.  That’s why Circus Time has professionals on staff to help make your planning easy.   And Circus Time guarantees that they show up on time with clean, safe equipment and trained staff to ensure your safety.

So, don’t hesitate to make this year’s prom a year to remember, with the BEST after prom your school has ever seen.  Circus Time is a sure way to make this happen!


Where Does Circus Time Get all Their Great Attractions for Party Rentals in NJ

Someone asked us the other day, “Where do you find all of that great equipment?  Do you order it online? Or out of a catalog? How do you know what party rental games people will enjoy the most? The games and attractions at Circus Time are also so much more exciting than we see from most other New Jersey party rental companies.”

Well, first off, we would really like to thank you for noticing!  We put a lot work and research into find the best entertainment games that the tri-state area has ever seen. We at Circus Time pride ourselves on offering the newest, most exciting and entertaining products on the market.

We recently made some purchases that you will love in 2013. There are a number of different places to make purchases and it helps that Circus Time has been around so long. We’ve developed such a great relationship with many of our manufacturers that we hear about new items long before the average party rental company gets word of them. One of our favorite places to find games and rides for party rentals in New Jersey is the IAPPA show.  IAAPA stands for “International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions and it offers the best equipment to some of the best entertainment venues in the world.

Their Great Attractions | Party Rentals in NJ

Here is just a sneak look at someone on one of our newest items for 2013. Watch for the video of the entire game coming soon!


Not only do you find the best manufacturers at the IAAPA show, but it’s a great place to see what might be the most thrilling attraction for the upcoming year.  We made a purchase this year that will blow your mind. It’s one of the newest items in the market place. Although we’re not ready to release the info, all we can say is it will be the PERFECT addition to any type of event. It goes well with the all time NJ party rental, the Mechanical Bull!

You need to watch for our “What’s New in 2013” to get an idea of what’s coming. If you’re an event planner, or planning corporate events, college events or have an upcoming bar mitzvah, then you might want to give us a call so that you can be one of the first to enjoy one of our new products next year.

Believe it or not, it takes more to being the best party rental company in NJ than just excellent customer service and a great safety record.  It takes the time and the willingness to invest what’s needed back into the company so that clients are guaranteed that when the call Circus Time that they’ll get the best of everything they need for an exciting party or event.

The IAAPA isn’t the only place we go for attractions.  There are a number of other shows where we can see new rides, and of course, as we mentioned, we have years of building a good relationship with the best manufacturers.  We’ve even helped with safety design by giving feed back on brand new products.

You don’t get things like the newest in New Jersey photo booth rentals, the multi ride “Mechanical Bull” or the “Euro Bungee” without having some knowledge of what the public is sure to love.  There is a real trick for finding the right attraction that is unique and exciting to clients, but one that is built for the safety that you require of the best equipment.

You see, the best choice isn’t to buy the first new item you see.  You need to have the knowledge to understand what might be safe and what type of game or product might show problems down the road.  This means understanding how accidents can happen so that you can really inspect how the equipment is made.   Exciting in Circus Time’s vocabulary means FUN. It certainly doesn’t mean Dangerous.

So, when you are thinking of renting the newest fun item in the marketplace this year, you will be happy to realize that when Circus Time offers something new, it’s done with our expert research on what is safe and what is fun.  Circus Time takes a lot of pride in offering party rental equipment in NJ, NY, PA, DE & MD that just can’t be found anywhere else!

Party Rentals NJ – What’s the Secret to Cutting Company Picnic Costs?

Company picnics range from small cook-outs for just the employees to large family gatherings that everyone looks forward to all year long.  Although the smaller events aren’t hard to plan, the larger events take months to put together….and if you want to keep the costs down, it requires a lot of pre-planning.

So, what are planning for your corporate picnic this year?  Is it elaborate?  Steaks & Chicken on the grill?  How about games and rides?  Live Entertainment?  All of this can really add up the $$$.

One way to cut the expense costs of company picnics in the tri-state area is to get the company vendors involved.  Talk to your vendors…many of them will be happy to sponsor different parts of the picnic.  Sponsoring activities gives the vendors a chance to interact with one of their best customers….YOU!

Don’t start calling vendors until you put a plan into place.  Have an idea of what kind of picnic and activities you want to offer your guests.   Do you just want a few bounce houses for the kids?  Or would you like entertainment for all ages?  Games like the mechanical bull or the wrecking ball?

Having a lot of vendors is a real plus in this case.  The more vendors you have, the better entertainment stations you can offer.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get all the games you want from just one company?  A company that actually owns all it’s equipment?   Going with a company that owns it’s equipment can offer a huge savings benefit…not to mention the ease of stress with just one entertainment company to handle the deliveries and set up.

Circus Time Amusements is just such a company. Large or small, whatever your needs, they will take care of you. They can handle bounce houses, mechanical rides, photo booths, carnival games….you name it and Circus Time will have it!

If you just want a simple bounce house?  Circus Time offers loads of choices…whether it be a belly bouncer, carousel bouncer, firetruck bounce, princess bounce…actually just name theme and Circus Time probably has it.

Maybe you would like to have your own mini carnival. At Circus Time you can get all your favorite games. You can get cotton candy and popcorn machines. How about a sno cone on that nice hot day? Or get glitter tattoos, candy art, sand art and more!

Want mechanical rides or extreme games?  How about the kiddy ferris wheel?  Rock Climb Wall, mechanical bull or eurobungee.

Circus Time has a wide variety of entertainment offerings…just give them a call and they’ll help you plan the best company picnic New Jersey has ever seen.  All you have to do is get your vendors and you can plan a beautiful event…on a budget!

Putting Challenge

Putting fun with our electronic green. The game announces player’s turns, hole number, average putts per player and even cheers hole-in-ones. Ball automatically returned every time. 72 electronically changing contours. Four 18-hole courses on two skill levels (2 Amateur and 2 Pro). Patented sensor system keeps score of every player.

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Rock Band

Finally find out what its like to master all the parts of the band. Master the guitar, base guitar, the drums and the vocal. Form your own band and get ready to go for the top as you rise to international fame.

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