Old Fashioned Photo Booth Rentals – NJ Activities from Circus Time

Old Fashioned Photo Booth Rental NJ

Are you planning a wedding and want a unique form of entertainment? How about a Bar Mitzvah? Or a post prom? Well, one of the most popular forms of entertainment in 2014 is the portable old fashioned photo booth. Remember those photo booths that were everywhere in the 60’s and 70’s? You can recreate some of that old style excitement with a photo booth rental! NJ residents are lucky because Circus Time has not just one, but numerous photo booths and novelty ideas. For instance, their Boardwalk Photo booth actually is a combination of nostalgia and today’s modern technology. It can create black and white or even color photos. The nostalgia photo booth offers options for new hair styles, crazy hats or special photo frames. Like the photo booths of the past, our photo booth produces two sets of classic 4-photo strips. Our photo booth operator will customize the last picture of the strip with your event name or company logo. This photo booth can do approximately 40 sets of pictures per hour.

For something really unique, check out our Deluxe Photo Booth. 

Deluxe Photo Booth Rental in NJCircus Time’s State of the Art Photo booth brings interactive fun and uniqueness  to any event. Offering the best technology, you will be amazed by all the different features this booth offers:

* 19″ touchscreen monitor

* High Quality studio flash

* Unlimited prints; Prints 2 photostrips in 12 seconds or 2- 4″x6″ prints

* External monitor with a slideshow of photos taken throughout the event

* Fun, wacky props

* Fits up to 10 people

* Photos can be customized for your event

*Red carpet with stanchions and velvet rope

For more information on all the Circus Time Photo Booth and Photo Novelty Activities, check out their photo fun page:  http://circustime.net/category/photo-fun

Party Rentals NJ – Inflatable Rentals Are About More than Just Bounce Houses

When you think about Inflatables, you often think about small children jumping frantically in a Bounce House, but there are so many more fun inflatables than just Bounce Houses, and they are geared for all ages. Most party rental companies in New Jersey offer bounce houses, but the best ones also offer many other games for everyone in the whole family.

Inflatables have been wildly popular for the last twenty years, and as their popularity has increased so has the number of super fun inflatable products on the market. Gone are the days of just bounce house, made for little children. Inflatables are now made for all ages. There are slides, obstacle courses, water games, and many inflatable sports activities.

Many obstacle courses made for children and adults. Circus Time, which is a party rentals company in New Jersey; offers more than 9 obstacle courses which are super fun. The Ultimate Boot Camp Challenge is exactly what it sounds like…a challenge! What tactics will you use when you jump through your first hole and squeeze through the inflated pillars? Climb the ladder to the top and slide to victory! Feel free to check out the largest assortment of inflatable obstacle courses in NJ by just clicking on the link. http://circustime.net/category/obstacle-courses

The inflatable slide selection includes water slides, giant inflatable sides and even slip n slides that are suitable for children and adults. Some of them are standard slides, and some of them are themed. Circus Time also offers inflatable battle arenas and combo games that include slide, bounce & obstacle courses.

Taking inflatable rental fun to a whole new level, are the sports themed inflatables. There are inflatable batting cages, golf ranges, and basketball goals. Circus Time also offers human foosball…yep…that’s right..very quickly your guests can become foosball players. Human Foosball is a team competition where participants play a game of soccer. Five players per team are connected to waist harnesses and ropes extending from both sides of the harness allowing only side to side movement. Maximum players are 10. How fun would human Foosball be at your next company picnic or family reunion?

Circus Time Party Rentals in NJ offer so many fun inflatables for your next event that you may have a hard time deciding which ones to rent. They also offer more traditional rides like a carousel that holds up to ten people, and other mechanical rides. One of their huge hits at every event is a mechanical bull. This ride is always a crowd pleaser. Check them out today at Circustime.net and decide what super cool inflatables you would like to rent for your next family event or work function.