Moonbounce Rentals South Jersey – What’s Available for Summer Fun!

Summer fun in the Burlington, NJ area just would not be the same without a variety of activities and rentals for the whole family! Here at, we know this to be true. This is why we offer a wide variety of inflatable moonwalk rentals, bounce house rentals, and more for your next event. In this article, we will give you an idea of just a few of the many rentals we offer our customers. We will also tell you how you can learn more about our business.

Classic Inflatable Moonwalk Rentals

We offer a large number of classic inflatable moonwalk rentals. Our bounce houses allow youngsters (or those who are young at heart) to experience the thrill of what it is like to walk on the moon. For years, renting moonwalks in NJ have a standard at many events. From children’s parties, to corporate events, these staples of fun can be found anywhere. We offer themed, colorful, and very safe inflatable games that we can deliver, set-up, and run at your next event. Best of all, our prices are always competitive and affordable.

Combo Bounce House Rentals in NJ & Surrounding States

Castle Bounce House | Moonbounce Rentals in NJBut what if you are looking for something beyond the classic moonbounce? If so, look no further! We offer a wide variety of combo bounce house rentals for all your events. Combo bounce house rentals offer areas for bouncing, climbing, watching videos, playing games, completing obstacles, and more. Just like our classic moonbounces, we offer combo bounce house rentals in a wide variety of themes. These include characters from cartoons, nautical themes, pirates, clowns, sports, dinosaurs, the Wild West, and more. Keep kids occupied for even longer with any of these rentals, which can be used either indoors or outdoors.

Serving Burlington, NJ and Beyond proudly serves the Burlington, NJ area and beyond. We can help you with any and all of your events in NJ, PA, DE, and NY. We can help with all aspects of entertainment for your next big event. For years, we have been serving schools, churches, nonprofits, businesses, and more in the area at all of their events. Our prices and service are the best in the area when it comes to inflatables and more for events, all year long. Make your next summer Burlington, NJ event the best with our help! Contact us today!

Water Inflatables for Rent in NJ…Cool off the Circus Time Way!

Need to cool off on a hot summer day? Why not try Water Inflatables from Circus Time Amusements? How about the Amazon Twist?
Or our new Rockin Rapids! Want a different style of water activity?
How about the newest summer craze…Water Dodge Ball!

You might even want to have a foam dance party! See these water games and MORE by visiting Circus Time Amusements.

Cool off in NJ the Circus Time Way!

Where To Find The Best Bar Mitzvah Entertainment In New Jersey?

A Bar Mitzvah is a very special occasion for a child and for the family. It is a day when families, relatives, neighbors, friends and friends of your child will come together and have an amazing celebration. Many Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah celebrations are planned years in advance. Finding Bar Mitzvah Entertainment in New Jersey, though is incredibly simple.

mitzvah entertainment new jersey,bar mitzvah rentals nj

Activities you have at your home may or may not suffice for this type of event. If you have many kids running around in your backyard or plenty of adult guests then your homemade entertainment ideas may fall short of accommodating everyone. Besides, a special day calls for a special arrangement. With some well, planned Bar Mitzvah entertainment activities, the event and the fond memories of the day will remain indelibly etched in everyone’s minds forever.

Once you decide to organize your entertainment ideas, the pertinent and also an important question would be – where to find the best Bar Mitzvah entertainment in New Jersey?

You would be pleased to know that there are companies, which can put together dozens of entertainment packages at any venue of your choosing. As one of the type entertainment companies in New Jersey, Circus Time Amusements is the ideal choice.
Circus Time Amusements has almost three decades of experience in organizing different types of fun and entertainment events. From large fairs and carnivals to personal events such as a Bar Mitzvah, Circus Time Amusements has dozens of unique entertainment ideas, games, rides and novelties that guarantee a good time.

The staff at Circus Time Amusements has been planning Bar Mitzvah activities for almost 30 years. Obviously, you want a company that has the experience to help you choose the best items for this very important day. Ideally, you should decide on the type of fun and entertainment you wish to put together, your budget, the ages of your guests, and, of course the expectations of the guest of honor.

mitzvah entertainment new jersey,bar mitzvah rentals nj

bar mitzvah activities

From Circus Time Amusements, you can rent various types of safe entertainment and recreational equipments. They have bounces and combos, mechanical rides, obstacle courses, slides, water fun, table games and arcade games, interactive games, shows, fun foods, photo booths and art & craft games among many others. There is no dearth of options and you can be sure of getting the best Bar Mitzvah entertainment in New Jersey when you call Circus Time Amusements.

A Bar Mitzvah Celebration should be fun, not stressful, and Circus Time can take much of the stress out of this great day. Give them a call and let them help you plan a wonderful Bar Mitzvah Celebration!

The Best Party Rentals in Delaware are from Circus Time Amusements

Come from the Party Rental Experts…Circus Time Amusements
Inflatables, Sports Games, Carnival Rides, Fun Foods & More
Circus Time offers everything you need for the perfect event!
Planning a College Spring Fling? Company Picnic?
How about a School Carnival? Or a Bar Mitzvah?
Circus Time Amusements has the expertise AND the greatest equipment in the area.

Inflatable Rentals New Jersey Style – Circus Time Has it All!

carnival rides New Jersey | NJ Party RentalsWhen it comes to inflatable rentals NJ residents love variety. The kids love to have an objective, the adults love challenging games and inflatable obstacle courses and in the midst of all that fun and frolic, water games just add that extra pizazz!

If you are looking for unique party rentals in New Jersey then look no further than Circus Time. There a huge amount of companies dealing with inflatable rentals in NJ but you will want deal with a company that has the most extensive, intriguing, unique and versatile inventory. You certainly need sturdy and durable party rental games and rides, not to mention games that are safe and of good quality but what you also need is a huge assortment of carnival games and rides to entice your guests.

Circus Time has myriad types of inflatable rentals NJ residents would love to get their hands on.   Bounce house rentals are always a big part of any party or event. There are bounce houses for infants, for teenagers, adolescent boys and girls and quite a few for adults as well (before adults use a bounce they should make sure that the bounce is designed for adults). It is a heartening sight to see adults become kids again when they step into bounce houses. Beyond the world of bounce houses, there are various types of slides,. Circus Time has more than half a dozen variety of slides. You may opt for water slides, normal slides, foam slides and inflatable slides that couple the idea of slides and obstacle courses. Many of the inflatable rentals in New Jersey that you can get from Circus Time are quite unique and original.

Moon BounceWhen it comes to the themes of carnival games and rides in NJ,  residents can blindly put their faith and trust in Circus Time. Trust the company to amaze you with their objective themes and relevance of the games and you wouldn’t be disappointed. You can opt for mechanical rides which all have a mission, there are shootout games which are as real as they can get, you can opt for arcade games which can be easily installed and use the wonderful blend of technology and traditional gaming parlour setups, you can go for giant sports installations from chess to kids’ board games and you may have photo booths and all of that which make a party an experience to cherish forever.

No matter what type of party or event you are planning, Circus Time has everything that you may need or may wish to have.

For more information visit

Need Variety in Philly Moonbounce Rentals? Check Out What Circus Time Offers!

Pirate Bounce | Moonwalk Rentals in PhillyWhen you are looking for bounce house rentals in Philly, you have three priorities in mind. You want to rent bounce houses that are safe, fun and offer easy set up/tear down. No one would rent a bouncer in Pennsylvania, which doesn’t have any specific theme or purpose. If bouncing endlessly and relentlessly was the only objective then one can easily opt for a trampoline.  The thrill of bounce houses is the unique entertainment value offered these days.

When you rent a bouncer in Pennsylvania, you want variety, you want the kids to have fun and burn energy and you want something entertaining enough to keep kids of all ages occupied.  To get a true fun and frolicking experience, you need to check out what Circus Time offers.

Circus Time has the most diverse and exhaustive inventory of bounce house rentals in Philly. You can choose a specific theme, a certain dimension bearing in mind the available space at the venue or you can choose different inflatable games, courses, slides and bounce houses that would be ideal for the kids and adults who would be attending the event or the party.

Circus Time has an expansive inventory where you get bounce house rentals in Philly, combos, interactive fun games, mechanical rides, obstacle courses, sports, slides, water activities, carnival games, novelties, arts and crafts as well as arcade and table games. The company consistently reinvents its inventory and you can find some amazing new themes and setups, including the Alien Pinball, Chill Out mist Tent, Bowman Challenge, Extreme Board Combo, Demolition Zone, Mineshaft Madness, Pirate Bounce, Sportacular Splash, Triple Splash Water Slide, Sucker Punch and Treasure Quest among many others.Extreme Board  Combo | Moonwalk Rentals in Philly

You would be amazed at the variety of bounce house rentals in Philly offered by Circus Time Amusements. You will find at least a dozen different themes and categories for all kinds of events, be it a carnival or fair, ideal for birthday parties or spring break extravaganzas.

Circus Time has a penchant for coming up with unique inflatable games and bounce houses. If you wish to rent a bouncer in Pennsylvania that will impress everyone then you need not look any further than the inventory of Circus Time. To top it all, they delivery the product to your door, set it up and make sure your day is not only fun, but safe too!  For more info, call Circus Time or visit their website:

Event Planning Tips for an After Prom in Pennsylvania

Party Rentals in PA| Amusement Rentals NJProm night is a night that everyone remembers for the rest of his or her life.  A good event planner will want to make your post prom event one that will never be forgotten! An after prom event serves two purposes. Of course it adds to the fun AND it can keep prom goers from making bad choices that can ruin lives. Studies have indicated that young adults that are given positive choices for after prom fun will take those choices. And you can have a post prom to remember by making just one phone call.

A lot of parents and school groups are at a loss as to what they can do for an after prom party. Circus Time has the answer. Your prom goers can have a great time in a fun safe environment. This is the perfect way to offer an alternative to the other after prom activities.

Just like after prom events, project graduation activities should be fun. No one wants to attend a post prom or project graduation event that is boring with the same old activities. These events are a big deal and the night should be a magical night. Circus Time can easily bring the magic needed for that perfect event!

Circus Time Brings the Fun to You

You supply the venue and Circus Time provides the fun. Imagine the fun a photo booth will bring to the event. Arcade games? Circus Time got them. Circus Time offers an opportunity for non stop fun. There are so many options to choose from that are an ideal way to make the post prom event THE EVENT of the year.  The most difficult part of the task will be limiting yourself to your favorite pieces.

Tiki Bars that serve smoothies, games, the new extreme board combo introduced in 2013, mechanical rides and other popular fun your post prom event will be a blast! Before you make your post prom event plans check out what Circus Time can bring to your event!

About Circus Time Amusements will allow you to view all the fun offerings that are available for your post prom event and project graduation party.  It is all about the choices. You can easily find everything that you need that will fit in your budget at

Circus Time has been in business since 1986. By providing high quality equipment that is always the latest trend and by making sure that your project graduation post prom event is one that is always remembered Circus Time has a trail of loyal customers. Circus Time is committed to fun!  Serving post prom events and after graduation parties in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware & Maryland, Circus Time is proud to be part of these activities for over 25 years.

Finding the Best Carnival Games – New Jersey Hits in 2014

Planning a carnival type event is always fun.  Especially when you look at all the carnival games in New Jersey available for 2014.  Although everyone loves the old standards, some of the newer games are simply amazing!

How about the “Alien Pinball” game?  Have a blast with this “out-of-this-world” pinball game. Pull a lever and watch as the multi-colored balls go racing through space. The goal is to score the highest amount of points.  This is a great game for all ages.

Bowman Challenge | Rent Carnival Games in NJAnother really great new game is the “Bowman Challenge“.  Although this isn’t a traditional carnival game, it’s still a game of skill and it’s a huge hit wherever it goes.  It’s a great way to test eye-hand coordination! Aim the  bow and arrow at one of the hovering balls, shoot and try to knock a ball down.  Bowman Challenge brings a safe way to play archery with its soft tip darts. Fun for all ages, this activity enhances upper body strength and helps develop self discipline.

Ba-Skee-Ball | Carnival Games in New JerseyBa-Skee-Ball is a  creative game that combines those old time favorites, keeball and basketball. Roll the mini basketballs down the inflatable lane in to one of the colorful slots to score points.

Air Heads  is a zany game that’s guaranteed to fascinate the entire crowd.  The goal of the game is to knock down the floating balls that are kept elevated by constant streams of air.  Your guests just won’t be able to walk past this one without stopping!

New Jersey Amusements – Renting a Mechanical Bull in NJ

New Jersey Amusement Rentals | Rent Mechanical bull in NJThere are loads of great New Jersey Amusements available in 2014.  But renting a mechanical bull in NJ is still one of the easiest way’s to guarantee a spectacular event!

You might ask, “Why would I ever want to rent a mechanical bull for my company picnic?”  And you can ask the same question if you’re planning a  team building event, Post Prom, Field Day, Spring Fling, Church or School Carnival, etc etc.  Get the picture?  But the answer is easy.  A mechanical bull, or bucking machine is almost the perfect attraction for any type of event.

Most people assume that a mechanical bull is meant for a bar or rougher crowd, but the truth is that the mechanical bull offered by Circus Time is about as safe as it can get.  And the ride can be just as fun for the younger crowd is it is for the older crowd.  You don’t have to be a superior athlete to ride the bull either.  Almost anyone can do it.  The hardest part of riding the bull sometimes is just getting on it.

Since the bull is surrounded by an inflatable base for safety, you jump on the inflatable to get seated on the bull.  That’s the hard part…once you are up there the fun begins!

Did you think the fun is just for the participant?  No way…a mechanical bull ride is fun for everyone.  Whether you’re watching your boyfriend, girlfriend or even you grandma, watching a bull ride is almost as fun as riding a bull yourself.

When you are trying to rent a mechanical bull in New Jersey, you don’t want to search by price first.  Although price can be a factor, make sure that you look at safety first.  The bull must be approved by the state of New Jersey.  This in itself will tell you that the company has the proper insurance, but you also want to question the training of the operators running the bull.  Have they been through a training program?  Does the party rental company have a proper maintenance program?  And has the company been around for a long time?  Long enough to prove that they understand you and your guests needs?

At the beginning of every season  you will find new party rental companies that offer these great “deals”.  But great deals aren’t so great if the company doesn’t show up, doesn’t train their employees correctly or doesn’t have insurance.  So do your homework to make sure you get the right company that puts the safety and importance of your event first.

Circus Time Amusements has a proven history offering Party Rentals in New Jersey.  And they were one of the first to offer mechanical bull rentals in NJ.  Give them a call today, or check out their website to get more information on renting one of the most popular carnival rides in NJ today.

Old Fashioned Photo Booth Rentals – NJ Activities from Circus Time

Old Fashioned Photo Booth Rental NJ

Are you planning a wedding and want a unique form of entertainment? How about a Bar Mitzvah? Or a post prom? Well, one of the most popular forms of entertainment in 2014 is the portable old fashioned photo booth. Remember those photo booths that were everywhere in the 60’s and 70’s? You can recreate some of that old style excitement with a photo booth rental! NJ residents are lucky because Circus Time has not just one, but numerous photo booths and novelty ideas. For instance, their Boardwalk Photo booth actually is a combination of nostalgia and today’s modern technology. It can create black and white or even color photos. The nostalgia photo booth offers options for new hair styles, crazy hats or special photo frames. Like the photo booths of the past, our photo booth produces two sets of classic 4-photo strips. Our photo booth operator will customize the last picture of the strip with your event name or company logo. This photo booth can do approximately 40 sets of pictures per hour.

For something really unique, check out our Deluxe Photo Booth. 

Deluxe Photo Booth Rental in NJCircus Time’s State of the Art Photo booth brings interactive fun and uniqueness  to any event. Offering the best technology, you will be amazed by all the different features this booth offers:

* 19″ touchscreen monitor

* High Quality studio flash

* Unlimited prints; Prints 2 photostrips in 12 seconds or 2- 4″x6″ prints

* External monitor with a slideshow of photos taken throughout the event

* Fun, wacky props

* Fits up to 10 people

* Photos can be customized for your event

*Red carpet with stanchions and velvet rope

For more information on all the Circus Time Photo Booth and Photo Novelty Activities, check out their photo fun page:

Choosing Bar Mitzvah Entertainment In NJ

Are you planning a Bar Mitzvah in New Jersey or the surrounding states?  Planning this joyous occasion should be fun!  But for many people, it’s extremely stressful.  If you choose to use the services of a party rental company in New Jersey that’s familiar with the best Bar Mitzvah Activities, you can save an enormous amount of time and effort.  AND you’ll have a fantastic event that everyone will love.  Choosing Bar Mitzvah Entertainment in NJ should be a fun process!  Check out some of the great services offered by Circus Time Amusements.  Once you look at the video, make sure to look at our website to see all the newest items we offer for Bar/Bat Mitzvahs and other events.

Of course, Circus Time doesn’t just offer event planning assistance for Bar Mitzvah’s. We’re also available for Spring Flings, Church and School Carnivals, Post Proms, Company Picnics and more! And we travel to your location. So, whether you’re planning an event in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland or even Delaware, we can be there with the exact products you need for a safe, fun event. Our employees are trained to operate our equipment with safety in mind first, followed by showing your guests a really great time. Give us a call today to plan your next event!


Planning Your Own New Jersey Rodeo – Rent a Mechanical Bull!

Who says a Yankee can’t ride a bucking bronco, or how about a bull? Your next event may be your first rodeo, and, no bull, it might easily be the first of many. Bull riding isn’t just for southerners or cowboys of the west, thanks to Circus Time. No you can rent a mechanical bull for your party anywhere in New Jersey and the surrounding states and learn to ride like a pro. Cowboys and cowgirls aren’t born, they’re made. Make your next event a rodeo of a new kind with a mechanical bull from Circus Time.

 New Jersey Rodeo | Rent a Mechanical Bull Learn to ride the bull safely and without worries. It’s better to ride a slow bull the first few times as opposed to going wild.   Mechanical bulls from Circus Time are specially designed with safety in mind. The bull will shut off and stop moving instantly when a rider falls, so there is no chance of getting snarled and thrown about.

Your next event could be “amateur rodeo night at the company corral.” It is quite fun just to watch others ride the bull-just look at the crowds that are drawn to rodeos. Even if you grew up in New Jersey and cowboy country is another planet to you, you’ve surely seen a rodeo or two on TV. And what event do they show the most? Bull riding of course. It is always the main attraction. AT the nation’s biggest western rodeos, the only events that match bull riding are big country bands.

So your next event could be a country-western theme, complete with a band and other hoe-down events including, of course, bull riding. There are plenty of ways to set up a good country theme for your next event that has bull riding as a main attraction. If your event is smaller and indoors, you can easily adapt to have a country and western bar theme. We’ve all seen such bar scenes in beer ads and other commercials, and face it, we all wished we could have a turn to ride the bull.

Wish no more, because Circus Time has your mechanical bull waiting for you for any party in New Jersey and the surrounding area. Grab your cowboy hat and Circus Time will take care of the rest. At your next event, Bull riding can be enjoyed without broken bones-and without breaking the bank.

For more information on Circus Time’s full line of amusement products, visit

Corporate Entertainment PA – Circus Time Offers the Best Activities

When you’re looking for the best corporate entertainment, PA residents have a secret weapon!  Circus Time amusements has some of the newest and most entertaining items that you can find anywhere on the east coast.

Of course, with over twenty years of experience in the entertainment industry, how could they not be the best party rental company in PA?  Check out some of the videos below to get some great ideas for your next corporate event.

Many corporate events include children, and if that’s the case, the Monsterblast Game is a perfect choice.  Monster Blast is based off the old duck shooting gallery found at many carnivals. Use the air powered nerf gun to shoot down the monsters in the house with foam nerf darts. This classic game is fun for kids and adults.

Mindshaft Madness is another great game for kids and adults alike. With six giant keys to choose from, find the four correct keys to unlock the carts blocking a gold nugget from racing through the mine on its way out of the tunnel.  Make sure to watch out for the miners and TNT!

Of course, these are just a couple of corporate entertainment games that kids and adults can play together. They’re used frequently as part of a carnival game package for company events & get togethers. If you are planning an adults only event, or corporate team building day, make sure to check out our website for some other great interactive entertainment ideas. Or give us a call and let our event planning experts help you choose exactly what you need to achieve your goals!

Fall/Winter Bar Mitzvah Entertainment Ideas in New Jersey/New York

Batting Buddy | Bar Mitzvah Entertainment Ideas

A time of great significance in the lifespan of a 13-year-old Jewish boy is their Fall/Winter Bar Mitzvah Entertainment Ideas in New Jersey/New York . It is a time of transition where one goes from childhood to adulthood. The Bar Mitzvah is most often marked by a celebration with friends and family. Regardless, if you are planning a small simple affair or a large-scale bash, there are all kinds of activities that will make the Bar Mitzvah a lot more fun.

Themes for the Bar Mitzvah: A great way to add a little spice to your event is to choose a theme. When you plan on having a large number of guests a theme can be the easiest way to make the celebration geared toward the kids who are in attendance. Once you establish a theme, it is much easier to choose the activities you wish to include. And Circus Time offers a HUGE variety of themes. Carnival, Sports, Western….you name it and we can make your theme spectacular!

Photo Booth

Photo Booth

The Party Favor: A party favor is a great addition to any Bar Mitzvah that children attend. You can even choose to make them more interactive. One excellent idea is to hire an artist who does caricatures. That way each guest can take home a caricature to commemorate the event. You can also choose some great photo novelty ideas, such as a photo booth, flip photos or event magazine cover photos with Green Screen.
Age Appropriate Activities that Fit the Season:

Fall/winter activities can be a bit more difficult unless you have a venue that caters to larger games. But, no matter the venue, there are some great games that work for indoors too. How about Ba-Skee-Ball which is a great combination of 2 all time favorite games. Or maybe Alien Autopsy. This giant version of the classic operation game is always a HUGE hit.

Sports Games and Rides for Kids and Adults:

Whether it’s batting, boxing, golf or mechanical bull riding. Sports games are guaranteed to make your Bar Mitzvah an event to remember forever! Just think outside the box and take advantage of some of the great games and rides that are available in the NY/NJ area.

If you want the best Bar Mitzvah ideas, make sure to call Circus Time Amusements. Their on staff event planners can take the stress out of planning the perfect event!

New Year’s Eve Activities in NJ for the Entire Family

FUN and Holiday Entertainment are the two factors that keep us sane during the end of the year. Of course, the New Year eclipses the end of the holiday season. The right  New Year’s Eve Activities in NJ can provide the perfect end to the holiday season.

Alien Pinball | Carnival Game Rentals from Circus Time

Alien Pinball

The school children are looking for a final break before returning to the school and homework burden.  Although it’s easy to find activities for adults on New Year’s Eve, many families are in search of recreation ideas that they can enjoy with the entire family.

Unique Entertainment Attractions | Shooting Games NJ | 2014 Amusements

Bowman Challenge

More and more these days, families are grouping together in a venue to allow fun and entertainment for all ages.  Neighbors enjoy New Year’s Eve parties together.  This is a safer and less expensive way to enjoy the holiday and it’s absolutely a great way to bring in the New Year.

Children: – Clint Eastwood might have preferred horses, but the modern cowboy prefers to ride the Bungee Bull. This ride allows all ages to experiment their fantasies with their friends without getting hurt in the game The Simulated bull supported by springs is a real bull ride in the wild west for the young ones (or old) with simulated safe fights.

Children and Teens –  love obstacle courses.  The trick is finding a safe obstacle course that still offers a challenge.   Climbing walls, going through pipes and sliding down the slopes and finally the destination makes any obstacle course unique, but if you choose one of the obstacle courses offered by Circus Time Amusements you’ll have a guaranteed hit!

Families: – There are some brand new games & rides available for 2014 that families will absolutely love.  Consider the “Alien Pinball”, described as “Enjoy our “out-of-this-world” pinball game. Pull a lever and watch as the multi-colored balls go racing through space. How many points can you land on?”

Or try the “Bowman Challenge”.  Here is the description off the Circus Time Website.  “Get ready to test your eye-hand coordination! Aim your bow and arrow at one of the hovering balls, shoot and try to knock a ball down.  Bowman Challenge brings a safe way to play archery with its soft tip darts. Fun for all ages, this activity enhances upper body strength and helps develop self discipline.”

The Cruisin World Drive Simulator “allows players to choose from any of 12 countries ranked by difficulty, or they can drive the entire world through 14 tracks using 12 different cars (plus secret and player-customized cars) that can perform wheelies, jumps, flips and short cuts. Its an amazing journey that Cruis’n World can only deliver.”

Of course these last 3 games are perfect for indoor event activities.  For some great other ideas, visit the Circus Time “New for 2014” page.

If you are still confused about the best amusements for families on New Year’s Eve, then make it easy on yourself.  Call the experts at Circus Time and they will help you plan an event they will talk about all year long!

Unique Entertainment Activities in PA

Circus Time has some AMAZING new attractions for New Jersey Party Rentals in 2013. We also service, NY, PA, MD & DE. For the BEST in party rentals, visit Circus Time!

A Mechanical Bull Rental in NJ Can Make Your Next Event a Huge Success!

A Mechanical Bull Rental in NJ is the most popular event at almost every rodeo. When you watch man against beast it can be very thrilling for a spectator and it never gets boring. It creates edge of the seat type of excitement that will keep many fans returning for more. Many fans want to try it, however they don’t want to actually face a real bull. For them, a mechanical bull ride can provide the thrill without adding in the danger of getting stomped on by a bull.


Mechanical Bull

Mechanical Bull

The trick to a great mechanical bull ride is to find a bull that is exciting but also safe. You can’t just automatically trust that any bull you get is going to provide the right type of fun. There are many places where you can find mechanical bulls for rental. The right rental company will insist on sending their own trained operator to make sure your guests ride safely. Since mechanical bulls offer different levels for rider experience, a trained operator will be able to thrill your younger guests all the way to the practicing rodeo bull riders.

If you are on a budget for your party or event, a mechanical bull rental will not cripple your pocketbook. You actually might be amazed at the cost, especially when you weigh the entertainment value for your event. Of course, the other nice thing about the bull is that you can develop a western or bar theme that is easy to accessorize with other games and rides.

Steer clear of mechanical bucking machines that are hydraulic. You want a bull that will stop immediately when the rider falls. The newest electric mechanical bull rides are equipped with an automatic stop system. It will shut the bull off when the rider releases the rope that they use to hang on to the bull.

The great thing about a mechanical bull is that riders can experience the full thrill of the ride without developing serious injuries. Not only that, watching someone ride a bull is just as fun as actually riding one. You can have bull riding contests, take some great photos and offer your guests a night to remember.

For more information on having a safe, mechanical bull for your next event, visit the Circus Time website:


Fall/Winter Holiday Entertainment Ideas in New Jersey

Amusement Attractions NY, NJ, PA, MD, DE

When it comes to fall and winter holiday entertainment ideas in New Jersey, the list of ideas can be very short due to the harsh fall and winter weather conditions in the mid-Atlantic region. However, indoor holiday entertainment for kids and adults has never been easier in the years since Circus Time Amusements has been in business. Having been in business since 1986, Circus Time has always been known for their fun, outdoor entertainment options, but now, there are just as many opportunities for fall and winter entertainment indoors as well.

Bounce houses are extremely popular among kids and adults alike and even though they are known to be most popular during the warm months, the bounce houses and bounce combos can be brought indoors. Convention center, meeting hall, and gyms are all large enough to hold a fully inflated bouncer, which makes it a perfect addition to holiday birthday parties, Christmas parties, church events, corporate entertainment, and even family reunions.

Entertainment Activities in New Jersey | Party Rentals NY

In addition to the bounce houses, Circus Time also offers a wide variety of inflatable obstacle courses that can be used for the same purposes as the bouncers. These courses are not only perfect for fall and winter holiday entertainment options but they also offer a fantastic way for kids and adults alike to get exercise in during the cold, fall and winter months. These courses range from a boot camp, a clown town, a goofy gator, to even Pharaoh’s Tomb.
Some of the most popular and fun options for fall and winter holiday entertainment ideas are also perfect for corporate entertainment and business parties. These include batting cages, bouncy boxing, an indoor bow and arrow challenge, field goal challenge, golf arena, human football, as well as many, many more options.

In addition to all the fall and winter holiday entertainment options mentioned above, Circus Time offers a host of other great entertainment ideas. For the coolest of holiday parties, there is a candy wall that has room for 15 different candies. In this same category, you can also rent a cotton candy machine, a hot dog cart, funnel cake equipment, and even an inflatable bar for the perfect adult or corporate party. Through Circus Time, you can also rent some of the classic carnival games, fun photo booths, and arcade and table games. Circus Time is definitely the place to go for all your indoor fall and winter holiday entertainment needs.
For more information on the great line of Circus Time Games and Rides, visit their website at

Party Rentals NJ – Choosing Interactive Sports Games That Meets Your Goals

Corporate events, carnivals, fairs, excursions or even social get-togethers and parties need to have a generous dose of fun. While it is up to the guests or attendees to initiate the fun, the first trigger is the setting and the resources available.
For a close knit group of friends, breaking into laughter or having a gala time is not subject to what is at their disposal since their camaraderie is itself enough to bring down any house. With a larger group, be it a corporate crowd, a group of kids from school or a blend of kids and adults in a social carnival or a festive season party, you need to put in the right ingredients for the event to be a desired success.
Party rentals can easily help you accomplish all the goals that you are likely to set for your event. You can hire various types of party rentals in NJ and interactive sports games that are surefire bets for fun. You can never go wrong with interactive sports games rentals. They work well for kids, adults and there are some that even the elderly can enjoy, if they happen to be among your attendees.
The idea of interactive sports games is implicatively multi-utilitarian.
First, you can deck up any venue and make it look like a carnival. Even if you were hosting an event indoors at some venue and do not have many ideas to deck it up, bringing in a few party rental items from a great rental company in NJ can give the place an entirely new appearance.
Second, any type of party rentals or interactive sports games would help you accomplish almost any type of goal. In a corporate event, the primary objective is to have the employees have a good time and bond well with other employees. Nothing unites better than sports and some great sports games takes team building activities to a whole new level.
Third, you can plan an event much more comfortably when you access a good party rental company inventory. Planning around items is much easier than planning an event and then considering items for fun. For instance, choosing some great inflatable obstacle courses & other inflatables, along with a mechanical bull or redneck games ride, gives you a basis for planning your entire event. Or you can choose carnival “type” games and revolve your theme around that. Just choose your favorite play items and the work is almost done for you.
With party rentals in NJ, organizing an event and making it a success is easier than you could ever image. And for the best party rental games in New Jersey, visit the expert:

Call Circus Time for Photo Booth Rentals in New Jersey

Booth Rentals in New Jersey | Amusement Rentals for 2014WEBWIRE – Friday, June 15, 2012

Pennsauken, New Jersey/June 15, 2012 – If it’s time to have fun it’s time to call Circus Time.  The company is offering photo booth rentals in New Jersey along with the many thrilling rides which have made Circus Time  a sought-after company in the kid’s party industry.  The photo booths are delivered, installed and then hauled away after an event which is a plus for party organizers.

Circus Time Amusements serves New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland and  New York.  The company is not limited by mileage as they can travel anywhere in the states the company serves.  And they don’t subcontract simply because they’d rather handle the fun to ensure customer satisfaction.

Rent a Photo Booth for NJ, NY, PA, DE & MD

Todd Weinstock, President, says “Our team is excited about  offering photo booth rentals in the NJ area  and our employees are ready to begin hauling the booths to any location.  Circus Time  owns all its rides and amusement equipment so clients are guaranteed to have working equipment along with a good time. We get rave reviews everywhere we go”

 “I don’t know where to begin… from your staff to your products, your company really pulled through for us! The crew was just amazing! We are so pleased with Circus Time & especially the staff we had to express our thanks to you.” – Blair Mill Elementary School

There are many different ways for party planners to add excitement to their parties or formal events.  The trick to any good party is to add unique entertainment without choosing entertainment that is too “far out” or hard to manage.   NJ Photo Booth Rentals are simple and fun and are an excellent way for party goers to capture that moment in time with pictures which will last forever.

About Photo Booths in New Jersey from Circus Time

Circus Time was founded over 25 years ago by Mitch Weinstock.  After 25 years of bringing fun to both children and adults, his son Todd, took over the the company, continuing the high standard of offering new and exciting equipment to satisfied clients.


Choose The Best Activities For Your Spring Fling

Well, the groundhog has risen out of his lair, and guess what? No more winter! Phil sees spring time ahead, and great weather coming for the rest of us. As such, it’s critical that for those of you in college, or really those of you planning any spring fling event of any kind, to get on your job and get to planning! Spring flings are popular, and for good reason: what better way to promote and celebrate the coming of warmer weather with all of your closest friends?

But if you are tasked with planning one of these things, well, you sure can get quite the headache. After all, they aren’t the easiest things to plan, full of countless obstacles and difficulties, from raising money, to publicizing the event, to finding fun stuff for people to do so they can enjoy the party. But fear not! There are things you can use and ways you can make the perfect spring fling at your college this year.


Why Not An Obstacle Course?

Choose The Best Activities For Your Spring Fling | Inflatable Rentals PA, NJWe provide amazing and fun obstacle courses in a variety of ways for people planning a spring fling. You can choose one out and make it into a contest between participants, with rewards at the end and the fun of having to go through the course itself in the first place. Watch as your friends fall over each other, and enjoy the fun that comes with it for your college outdoor event this spring.




Slides And Slip-n-Slides   

Choose The Best Activities For Your Spring Fling | Inflatable Rentals PA, NJIf you’ve got water, and you’ve got an open space, you’ve no doubt got a slip and slide. But what about a good old fashioned slide to have some fun while you’re partying and enjoying the weather with your friends? We have slides to offer that take place in all ranges, and provide a lot of different options for whatever you may need when it comes to having some fun. It doesn’t matter your market, we’re sure a slide can make it happen for your fraternity or sorority, or other college event!


In all, the springtime is a great time to get out there and enjoy the beautiful weather, but it’s hard to do it if you don’t have the right materials. For that, you need to get together with us and see what we can come up with to provide for you a memorable experience and a ton of fun this year at college!

Choosing the Best Corporate Entertainment for Your Company Picnic or Event in PA

Scattered yawns are abundant.  Eyelids are heavier than a sack of 50 pound potatoes.  This may sound like the scene of a baby nursery at naptime.  However, this is also the scene at millions of corporate events that happen every year in the New Jersey and Pennsylvania area.  Most corporate events represent a time the company comes together to celebrate achievements.  However, celebration is not always a guarantee.  If your last corporate event suffered from a severe case of boredom, you might want to consider doing something different this year.  Find a company that specializes in corporate entertainment and company picnic activities.  If you are in the Pennsylvania or New Jersey area and the success your next event actually matters, you’ll want to find a company that specializes in corporate entertainment and company picnic activities.

Circus Time Amusements is dedicated to providing quality amusements, specialized entertainment, and are relentlessly dedicated to service.  While other vendors in the area might consider dropping off equipment; Circus Time’s professionals will deliver, setup, and even coordinate the fun.  One very important consideration when renting equipment is the concern that the vendor might not arrive on time, the equipment won’t be in good shape, or perhaps other equipment shows up in place of what you have ordered.  This won’t happen with Circus Time.  They own and operate all their equipment and all their employees are trained in set up, operational and safety procedures.

Circus Time will go the distance…and they’ll travel any distance.  In fact, they will do whatever it takes to ensure your event a success.  While smiles are vital, there no aspect that is more important than safety.  The staff undergoes rigorous training to assure that they are not only meeting industry standards but are on the forefront.  All of the staff is trained by Recognized Certified Maintenance Technicians and Licensed PA inspectors.  Since so many companies tend to use sub contractors these days, it’s rare to find this type of commitment with any amusement company.

In the days preceding your event, a Circus Time employee’s sole focus will be making sure that everything is ready for your company’s event.  There won’t be any surprises.  It’s essential that everything be delivered and set up as agreed between your company and Circus Time.  This entertainment is delivered through the use of safe, professional, and insured equipment and professionals.  A really successful amusement company won’t want your event for one year.  They will want your company to call upon them again and again for all your entertainment needs.  So let Circus Time turn those yawns into smiles at your next corporate event in Pennsylvania or New Jersey!

College Campus Activities – Spring Fling Entertainment Everyone Loves!

Spring is the time for fun.  And at almost every college in the country, the                                      College Campus Activities – Spring Fling Entertainment committees are searching for ideas that will totally out do any Spring Fling in the past.

Too many colleges follow the same path as the previous years.  Of course, newer students always enjoy the events, as do the older ones.  But it’s nice, especially for someone who’s been around the college for awhile to have a chance to do and try new things each spring.

Since so many groups use the College Spring Fling for fundraising, then it’s extremely important to have an event that EVERYONE wants to attend.

Circus Time Amusements specializes in College Spring Fling Entertainment.  Each year Circus Time searches for the newest and most exciting interactive entertainment items to bring to the colleges.

Here are just a few suggestions for College Campus Activities – Spring Fling Entertainment :

Foam Dance Party – Ok, the foam dance party isn’t the newest entertainment idea, but it’s a HUGE hit wherever it goes.  There is absolutely no end to the fun.  Check out the video below…

The Wrecking Ball | College Campus Activities - Spring Fling Enertainment



Wrecking Ball – Balancing atop their inflated pads up to four players attempt to grab and push the swinging “Wrecking Ball” into their opponents, trying to knock them off their pads. The last player standing is the champion.




Vertical Rush | Party Rentals PA | College Spring Fling Activities


If you want to offer some real excitement…try the  Vertical Rush! Are you ready to experience the ultimate rush? It’s a Rock Wall! It’s a Slide! It’s an Obstacle Course! Race your opponent through the obstacles, climb up the rock wall and slip down the slide as fast as you can and and feel what is known as the “Vertical Rush”.  Circus Time has one of the very few Vertical Rush Games available in the Tri-State Area so call quickly to guarantee you get it in time for your event.


Attention Getters | College Campus Activities - Spring Fling Entertainment


Attention Getters anyone?  Sometimes it’s not all about the entertainment.  It’s about getting people to your booth or space.  And to do that, you need to attract attention.  Fly Guys are a GREAT way to attract attention.  This attraction will entertain, advertise or just “WOW” your audience. These giant inflatable tubes or figures twist and wiggle in the air like a dancing fool.

Of course, these are just a few suggestions.  Other items like the giant slide, mechanical bull, rock climb wall and the boot camp obstacle course are all huge hits too.  Check out the video below of the boot camp obstacle course.

Circus time is dedicated to service, providing quality amusements and entertainment, making the clients the most important priority. Circus Time’s professional services include delivering, setting up and coordinating the fun. Circus Time isn’t  limited by mileage, traveling any distance to bring you  fun.We do not subcontract! Circus Time owns all of its own equipment and  are experts in bringing smiles and laughter to both children and adults.  Our safety experts will accompany the equipment to ensure everyone’s safety at all times.

Safety is our top priority! Our in house staff is consistently being trained in accordance to industry standards. Circus Time currently has staff that are licensed RCMT’s (Recognized Certified Maintenance Technician) issued by the State of New Jersey as well as a handful of Licensed PA Inspectors. Every new hire brought on is trained by these certified in-house staff.

For more College Campus Activities – Spring Fling Entertainment ideas visit the site.  Or you can see loads of games in action at our Circus Time You Tube Video page.

Visit our FaceBook page for more great entertainment ideas.

Corporate Entertainment in Pennsylvania

Introducing the Cannon Ball Air blaster. A 4-player game that allows participants to shoot their opponents with super soft foam balls. No explosions or loud bangs. The cannons run on a gentle, constant air flow making this game totally safe. Turn the game into a competition by aiming at the provided targets to see what team of players can make the most targets. All ages will enjoy this amazing new game! Just perfect for a spectacular corporate entertainment in Pennsylvania!

Corporate Entertainment NJ Style- Add Some Fun to Your Holiday Event!

 If you’re looking for corporate entertainment NJ style then look no further than Circus Time Amusements. Operating for 25 years and serving not just New Jersey, but New York, Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania, these are the guys to call when you want to ensure that your event or party goes with a bang!

Corporate Entertainment NJ Style | Party Rentals NJLet’s say you’ve been put in charge of organizing this year’s company fundraiser, party or team-building event and let’s just say that you don’t want to go down the normal, boring route of a standard dinner, drinks in your local bar or – heaven forbid – karaoke. So what do you do? You call Circus Time and check out their awesome range of inflatables, games, food and activities.

Whether you’re arranging an event for adults only or it’s a family affair, your guests will love these party rentals NJ style!

And if you don’t have loads of space to spare, don’t despair: Circus Time has something for every event, big or small, indoor or outdoor, traditional or cutting edge.

Children invited? No problem. The adults can have fun playing old school arcade games such as Pacman or letting their competitive side run wild with foosball, electronic darts or pool while the kids can fill up on sticky treats from the candy shop, cotton candy, popcorn or snow cone machines and then bounce around to their hearts’ content on one of the fun range of inflatables! Of course, plenty of adults might want to fill up on some of these fun foods too!

Party Rentals NJOr maybe you fancy taking it back to the good ole’ days when entertainment was so much simpler and usually came made out of wood? In that case you’ll love the carnival games on offer: hoop toss, throwing bean bags into the clown’s mouth, fishing for rubber ducks, crazy mirrors – even a cow milking contest game. Don’t worry, the cow isn’t real!

If you have the room why not get physical and check out the range of party rentals NJ that folks will be talking about for months to come? We’re talking inflatable mazes, obstacle courses, basketball hoops and even an inflatable boxing ring. If you’ve got the room, it’s time to get active!

For corporate entertainment NJ seeking event organizers who may prefer something a little more sedate, how about a photo booth or a make-your-own wanted poster? Circus Time can even put your face on a bobble head, key chain or in a snow globe – a perfect reminder of your fun night.

A corporate entertainment NJ located event where teenagers are invited can prove a little trickier. Too old for bouncy castles but too young for an inflatable bar (no matter how they might beg you for just one beer) perhaps something creative will keep them entertained. Candle making, stuffing your own teddy bear or applying glitter or fake tattoos should keep even the most hard-to-please 14 year old happy for a while. And if you have the room? Why not add a mechanical bull. The teens will love it, as will the adults!

So if any of this has got you raring to plan your next event and you’re looking for reliable party rental company in the NJ area and tri-state-wide, the only other thing you need to know is that Circus Time Amusement will personally deliver and set-up your rentals. They have staff that are trained as industry standard RCMT’s (that’s a Recognized Certificated Maintenance Technician, don’t you know?) and what’s more they’ll even smile and pass the time of day with you while they’re blowing up your inflatable Sponge Bob Squarepants.

Entertaining Ideas for Superbowl 2013

The Super Bowl is almost here, and whether you’re a fan of the Broncos, Patriots, Packers, or any other team still in the hunt, you’ve got to be pretty excited. But what if you are (gasp!) not a football fan at all? Well, that’s no problem, because there are still good ways to make up a fun Super Bowl party and entertain yourself and your guests with plenty of diversions while having the game on, and letting those fans of the pigskin cheer on their team.

In fact, with Circus Time Amusements, a host of other options abound when it comes to family fun, great entertainment, and an enjoyable time during Super Bowl 2013. So whether or not you are a football fan, there are definitely ways to entertain and create a great party that works for all of your guests. Here are just a few options to consider when it comes to hosting this Super Bowl.

The Batting Buddy

Batting Buddy | Superbowl Entertainment IdeasThe Batting Buddy is an ingenious little contraption that functions as a self-contained batting cage, complete with skill and coordination challenges involved with hitting the ball, attached to the rope and spinning around in a circle. It provides hours of entertainment for the kids at your party and can be quite the challenge for an adult who has maybe taken the football game just a little too seriously!

Baseball In The Winter? Sure! What About A Batting Cage?

It might be football season for one final game here at the Super Bowl, but it’s never too early to start Spring Training and get ready for baseball season, right? A batting cage is always fun, and you don’t have to be a baseball player to get a kick out of it or have some fun. Fit for all ages 8 and up, use the batting cage as a fun challenge and party event that sets up easy and simply.

Field Goal Challenge – Can You Kick It?

It’s football time with the game going on in the background, so why not have a simple challenge that involves football while we’re at it. Kicking field goals isn’t quite as easy as it looks, and your guests are about to find out why with the Field Goal Challenge. Perfect for any age, set it up and watch people make fools of themselves as they enjoy this good-natured fun and learn that being a football kicker isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be.

Human Foosball

Human Foosball NJ | Party Rentals PhiladelphiaWe had to save the best for last; human foosball is one of the coolest inventions out there today, and provides a great way to lay off some steam and enjoy a little physical contact while getting good exercise. You literally strap your squad into a human-sized foosball game, and watch the fun begin. This will no doubt provide endless hours of amusement and enjoyment that can last long after the Super Bowl itself has ended.

So when it comes down to it, your Super Bowl party doesn’t have to just involve sitting inside and watching the game. Get out there, and get active with Circus Time Amusements!

Guideline for Planning A Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Planning a Bar/Bat Mitzvah can be incredibly stressful.  We found a great step by step guide to planning your event.  Just Follow the timeline and you’ll have a fantastic, stress free event!

Two Years Beforehand

Choose a date and time for the Bar/Bat Mitzvah:

Dates get taken quickly, so the sooner you get your slot the better.
It’s best to consult with your synagogue.

Contract an instructor for your child:

When your child is called to the bima, he or she will be asked to sing a portion of the Torah. A competent teacher will give your child what they need to succeed in this endeavor.

One Year Beforehand

Contract reception hall:

Make sure that the hall can accommodate the amount of guests that you are inviting. Also, find out about overtime charges, if any.

Hire a disc jockey or band:

Look in on another party where the DJ or Band is playing.
Talk to them about what types of music, games and giveaways are available.

Retain a caterer:

Get some recommendations from friends. The reception hall may have some recommendations, or they may have an in-house caterer. You may be able to get a good deal by booking both. Ask about a tasting interview where you can sample hor hors d’oeuvres and main courses.

Nine Months Beforehand

Start child’s religious instruction:

Your hired instructor is a very important component in the preparation for the Bar/Mitzvah ceremony. Once-a-week lessons will help build confidence and ease any nervous feelings felt during the actual ceremony.

Six Months Beforehand

Select and order your invitations:

A competent printer will be able to assist you with the selection and creation of your invitations. Remember, there are a mind-boggling amount of different styles and typefaces to choose from. Choose a style that fits your child’s personality and your budget.

Three Months Beforehand

Complete your guest list:

Your final tally should be given to the caterer, florist and reception hall, since it affects the food amount, number of centerpieces and number of tables, respectively.

Two Months Beforehand

Send out your invitations:

Be sure to include directions to the synagogue and reception hall.

Touch base with the caterer and finalize catering arrangements:

This is a good idea, especially if you have any last minute food changes to make.

Order your centerpieces and party favors:

Centerpieces may be ordered from your florist. Party favors may be ordered from your local party center, online, or from a mail-order catalog.

Decide on those called to the bima for an aliyah:

Talk with your Rabbi about this.

Three Weeks Beforehand

Finalize seating arrangements:

Use a table chart, which you can easily make.

Create your placecards:

You may do this yourself or have your printer do it.

One Week Beforehand

Wrap your party favors:

Simple party bags with handles are OK and can be purchased at any local party store.


Music: Band, solo musician or DJ.
Caterer: On or off the premises.
Florist: Ceremony and centerpieces.

The Day Of Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Final all-around check:

Ceremony and reception.

Thanks to Creative Carnivals and Events for the great guide.

How to Pick the Best Choice for Inflatable Rentals in Delaware

Inflatable Rentals in Delaware | DE Inflatable GamesWhen you’re planning an event, a big concern is always going to be the quality of the entertainment.  The last thing you need on event day is to be standing there waiting on games and rides that should have been set up much earlier.  If you’ve had this happen before, and many companies have, then you know the importance of choosing the right company for your inflatable rentals in Delaware.

So, what should you look for when searching for a good inflatable (or party) rental company? The first answer should never be “The Cheapest.” Many disappointed consumers have found out that cheap isn’t such a good thing when the items don’t arrive on time or as promised.

But, yes, price should be a factor at some point. Here are some recommendations for questions you might want to ask before choosing an inflatable rental company in Delaware.

1) How long have you been in business? Long term is good, and the longer the better. You want someone for your event that has proven they have the longevity to survive in an industry where new companies come and go all the time.

2) Are you insured? It’s not enough to hear the answer. Before you make the final decision ask for proof. And if a company is especially cheap, lack of insurance is usually the reason.

3) How are your inflatables maintained? You want to hear that the company has has an equipment safety and maintenance program.

4) What is the best thing about your company? You are looking for 2 answers here with the first being that they put safety first and the second that customer service follows right behind safety.

5) Do you own your own equipment? A company that subs out equipment doesn’t have control over everything that happens with your order on your event day. A company that owns everything, will be able to control the quality, cleanliness, safety and delivery of your order.

6) How does your company handle delivery, set up, tear down and staffing? You want a company that has well trained employees that follow specific safety guidelines.

You will also want to find out what kind of deposit they require and ask about rain date policies, etc.

The best choice for inflatable rentals in Delaware is absolutely Circus Time Amusements. With over 25 years in the entertainment industry, they take pride in offering the newest entertainment items for the marketplace each year. Give Circus Time a call and take the stress out of your next event!

NJ Amusements – The Fun Doesn’t Stop When Summer Ends

Bobble Head PhotosJust as we were about to over-indulge in the hot hot summer, Autumn has finally arrived and believe it or not…there’s no stopping the fun. This great season between Summer and Winter has so much more to offer – the cool breeze, the red-orange leaves that that provide beautiful colors, just the briskness in the air makes us want to enjoy the days and nights!

What happens when summer ends? Well, in some cases, the fun begins! NJ Amusements is non-stop in bringing to everyone all the and excitement that we deserve, not just in summer, but year round. This means twelve months of adventure, fun, camaraderie and festivities all rolled into one great time with Circus Time Amusements.

For over 25 years providing fun in the Tri-State area, Circus Time Amusements is a proud one-stop shop entertainment and amusement company with state-of-the-art amusement collections from moon bounces, slides, water fun, mechanical rides, obstacles courses, carnival games, fun foods, arcade and table games and photo fun and novelties!

Every season offers different ways to have fun…and fall is no different. Bonfires, tailgate parties, college start up events and exciting back to school parties offers excitement every where you turn With this, Circus Time helps to keep fantastic memories alive by offering Photo Fun Novelties , regardless of the season. With a wide variety of photo fun collections, NJ Amusements guarantee never-ending fun all throughout the year!

The Fun Doesn’t Stop When Summer Ends | Amusement Rentals for 2014Step into Circus Time Boardwalk Photo Booth! Transform nostalgia into amazing and colorful photo strips that could document your elation with Photo Booth Rentals in NJ! Spice up the photos by deliberately adding cute background and other crazy hats or hairstyles! What about dressing up into fun, playful characters and play the Star of the movie? With Circus Time enjoyable Flip Books, you cannot ask for more – you’ll have wild photos in the ultimate flip movie of all times!

There’s more…. Bobble Heads make you appear cute and handy with pics of you in the face of the Bobble Head! Whether you are having a party or a simple get-together, these Bobble Heads are a sure hit!

Why wait for summer again when you can have fun-all-you want every single day of the year? With Circus Time, there is never a dull moment!

For more information on the Circus Time photo novelties, visit



Party Rentals in Delaware

Our Mechanical bull spins and bucks simulating real bull movement. Our operator controls the level in which the bull moves so a novice to an expert can ride. What’s more important than Fun? Safety! Our bull has a soft rubber head and horns and has an automatic cut off switch so when you fall off onto our air inflated pillow it automatically stops.

Party Rentals in New Jersey – What’s Fun For Fall?

Fall definitely an exciting time of the year. The leaves change color and fall, the fruits ripen and football games are part of the exciting atmosphere. This short season between summer and winter has an awful lot to offer! There really is a lot more to fall than just raking the leaves. Fall is really a great time for outdoor celebrating. And there are TONS of things you can offer guests if you want to plan a unique and exciting event.

Now is the perfect time to do something really different. A simple bonfire in the backyard with kids gathering around the fire and roasting marshmallows is a great bonding time with the family. How about hiking and biking as you go pass by the picturesque views of fall?

Here are some simple, yet fun things to do for fall that we found in an article from

Looking for fun things for your teen to do this fall. Print this out and give it to your teen. For more fun fall activities for teens, see our 12 Week Series: Fall Activities for Teens.

  1. Drink apple cider.
  2. Make a friendship bracelet and send it to your friend.
  3. Start or update a checking account.
  4. Plan a Harvest Party.
  5. Plan a Halloween Party.
  6. Plan a fun filled trick with friends.
This is not entirely applicable to teens alone. Every family member can do these things to add fun to the most awesome time of the year – Fall! Here are other ways to enjoy fall that are suggested by the same article:
7.  Hike a rail trail and check out the fall foliage.
8. Ride a trail on a ATV.
10. Make a leaf rubbing.
Party Rentals in New Jersey | Amusement Rentals for 2014With these simple yet fun things to do, Fall can be a very special time in our lives. Use it as a great time to build memories.Of course, if you are preparing for a birthday party, a family cookout or bonfire or perhaps you have been put in charge of planning a Fall Corporate Event, you might want something totally different from suggestions in the above articles. Circus Time Amusements gives you all the right answers for your fall entertainment needs. Since most fall events take place in the big outdoors, you can really offer some extravagant types of entertainment. Circus Time has a ready place in every type of gathering, whether big or small. Why not experience the ultimate rush this Fall with Circus Time Amusements Vertical Rush. It’s a Rock wall, a vertical slide and an obstacle course in one!
Want another suggestion? If the weather isn’t quite so great, why not hang-out with friends and play electronic darts with a good round of drinks! The classic Mechanical bull ride continues to thrill and riding is as exhilarating as the real bull! It spins and bucks and provides you a different kind of high! One great thing about the bull is that, depending on the size of your venue, it can generally be used indoors as well as the outdoors.
Party Rentals in New Jersey | Amusement Rentals for 2014
If you’re lucky enough to have a great Indian Summer, you can also re-live summer fun with the Surf the Wave Inflatable Slip and Slide! You can do anything you want this fall when you utilize the help of the largest full service amusement rental company in the tri-state area. Circus Time offers over 25 years of entertaining and making people happy. With Circus Time Party Rentals in New Jersey, you can guarantee “a fun experience in a safe environment.”

Party Rentals in NJ – The Best Choices for Corporate Entertainment Activities

Corporate Entertainment in New Jersey

Planning a corporate event, which includes many different levels of employees is sometimes nerve wracking. Not only do exact schedules often need to be followed with a list of scheduled speakers, or events, but the event planner must find ways to defy boredom.  This is true of company picnics, business events, or even team building exercises.  Party rentals in NJ can help in finding the best entertainment that leaves the control of events in the planner’s hands, but allows for hours of entertainment that can actually keep those attending focused and engaged in the event.

At a standard company picnic that doesn’t include the exciting games you can find by going through a party rentals company such as Circus Time,  employees with children will have a problem staying for long periods of time, or remain focused on getting together with others in the company. Children become bored easily at such events and this can spell a large exodus of younger employees who don’t want their children causing a disturbance. A Fun House Combo Bouncer or Jurassic Adventure will keep little one’s engaged and their parents happily focused on enjoying some conversation with co-workers. A Ferris Wheel is another example of simple fun as it can fit up to 16 children at time and will offer everyone a good time with minimum space taken up by the ride itself.

New York Corporate Event Activities

Adults can have fun with corporate entertainment activities such as Human Foosball a game that lives up to its name. Five players per team can safely play a game of soccer in a bouncy environment where harnesses keep the player in place. Fun and engaging activities such as this will keep any event active, and attendees alert and ready to stay.  The same is true of inflated mazes. Easy and safe to put together individuals or teams can time each other to see who can make it through the giant mazes winding passageways the fastest.

A hidden secret that many corporate planners might not realize is party rentals can also solve fun food problems. Portable candy stores, cotton candy machines, hot dog machines and charts, not to mention an inflatable bar can all be rented. These event planner treats not only take up little space they can keep crowds moving with food and drinks attendees can carry away with them.  With these treats and activities a corporate event can benefit consulting with a NJ party rental company.

For more information on the best choice for corporate entertainment activities, visit





Party Rentals NJ – What’s the Secret to Cutting Company Picnic Costs?

Company picnics range from small cook-outs for just the employees to large family gatherings that everyone looks forward to all year long.  Although the smaller events aren’t hard to plan, the larger events take months to put together….and if you want to keep the costs down, it requires a lot of pre-planning.

So, what are planning for your corporate picnic this year?  Is it elaborate?  Steaks & Chicken on the grill?  How about games and rides?  Live Entertainment?  All of this can really add up the $$$.

One way to cut the expense costs of company picnics in the tri-state area is to get the company vendors involved.  Talk to your vendors…many of them will be happy to sponsor different parts of the picnic.  Sponsoring activities gives the vendors a chance to interact with one of their best customers….YOU!

Don’t start calling vendors until you put a plan into place.  Have an idea of what kind of picnic and activities you want to offer your guests.   Do you just want a few bounce houses for the kids?  Or would you like entertainment for all ages?  Games like the mechanical bull or the wrecking ball?

Having a lot of vendors is a real plus in this case.  The more vendors you have, the better entertainment stations you can offer.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get all the games you want from just one company?  A company that actually owns all it’s equipment?   Going with a company that owns it’s equipment can offer a huge savings benefit…not to mention the ease of stress with just one entertainment company to handle the deliveries and set up.

Circus Time Amusements is just such a company. Large or small, whatever your needs, they will take care of you. They can handle bounce houses, mechanical rides, photo booths, carnival games….you name it and Circus Time will have it!

If you just want a simple bounce house?  Circus Time offers loads of choices…whether it be a belly bouncer, carousel bouncer, firetruck bounce, princess bounce…actually just name theme and Circus Time probably has it.

Maybe you would like to have your own mini carnival. At Circus Time you can get all your favorite games. You can get cotton candy and popcorn machines. How about a sno cone on that nice hot day? Or get glitter tattoos, candy art, sand art and more!

Want mechanical rides or extreme games?  How about the kiddy ferris wheel?  Rock Climb Wall, mechanical bull or eurobungee.

Circus Time has a wide variety of entertainment offerings…just give them a call and they’ll help you plan the best company picnic New Jersey has ever seen.  All you have to do is get your vendors and you can plan a beautiful event…on a budget!

Photo Booth Rentals are a Sure Hit!


Circus Time Offers Photo Booths for Indoor Party Rentals in NJ

Cherry Hill, NJ ( October 23, 2012 — Todd Weinstock, owner of Circus Time Amusements announced today that Circus Time is offering Photo Booths for indoor party rentals in New Jersey, along with some other great indoor attractions like games, mechanical bulls, small inflatables and other great indoor attractions.

Each year, Circus Time Amusements adds a variety of equipment that will work in different venues. The photo booths will add some exciting features to indoor venues. Most people remember the old style photo booths and will be really intrigued by trying them again. The nostalgic photo booth is the perfect way to capture time spent with friends and family.

Todd says, “Years ago, I realized that fun doesn’t need to stop just because the weather gets colder. Each year I plan to add more indoor items for our Party rentals in New Jersey. The photo booth is a hit wherever it goes, weddings, corporate events; bar mitzvahs…even holiday parties.” Read more….

Photo Booth Rentals Can Make a Boring Event Fantastic!

Will Photo Booth Rentals Add Excitement to Your Next Event?

Photo Booth Rentals | Party Rentals in NJWhile hosting an event or a party it is important to keep people of all age groups busy and entertained. Many companies host special events and parties for employees and their families. Most of the time kids get bored in such events and start getting cranky. They tend to throw tantrums and start crying too. Parents are forced to leave the event  as soon as possible. Therefore, while hosting an event it is important for the event managers to keep in mind that they should dedicate some time to planning games and entertainment for the kids.  Of course, kids come in all ages so at times, it can take some work to find the right type of carnival ride or amusement  to make everyone happy.

Most events these days want some kind of special attractions for different age groups.  Whether it’s a birthday party, shopping mall promotion, company picnic or even a wedding, special attractions can make all the difference in a successful event.  Many events have specific areas where games are set aside just for kids.   Games may include various types of carnival rides, giant inflatable slides or bounce houses and sports games.

Photo Booth Rentals Are Great for All Ages

But, sometimes it’s important to have entertainment for all ages.  That’s where the photo booth rental comes in.  Photo booth rentals add excitement to any type of event and it’s something that everyone loves…from small kids to the elderly.  Many of us remember the strip photos in the malls when we were young and a nostalgic photo booth rental is a great way to remind everyone of simpler days.

Photo Booth Rentals Are Really Special for Weddings

One new trend that has come about in the past 5 years is the addition of a strip photo booth at a wedding reception.  This type of photo booth rental works well for bar mitzvah’s also.   Photo Booths at these type of events offer something for everyone.  With strip photos, the guest keeps one for himself and the other strip goes into a memory book for the host!   Since the good photo booths are very easy to operate, this is a low maintenance way to do something that everyone will remember for a long time.

There are many firms offering photo booths, games and temporary game booths for rental. One such name that is trusted is Circus Time Amusements, Offering Photo Booth Rentals in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and surrounding states.   Here, one can find interesting amusement games and photo booths available for rent. Safety and security measures are given top most priority. Circus Time has years of experience in choosing games and rides that are not only fun, but safe too. For best parties and events you’ll absolutely want to choose Circus Time for your amusement games and photo booth rentals. Click on the link below for more information and details.

Plan the Perfect Bar Mitzvah with Circus Time!

Do you want to plan a Bar Mitzvah that everyone will talk about all year? You can’t go wrong with the Mechanical Bull. It’s a hit wherever it goes! The perfect Bar Mitzvah can include inflatables, carnival rides and even a photo booth! If you want to offer your guests a fantastic experience, try the Extreme Board Combo! Visit our website for more Bar/Bat Mitzvah Attractions……

Planning The Best Company Picnic In New Jersey

Planning The Best Company Picnic In New Jersey | Amusement Rentals for 2014The hot days of summer are definitely hovering over us and just the thought of planning a company picnic in New Jersey can make the day feel lighter. What better way to make the most of summer by getting your employees out of the office with a day of fresh air and outdoor fun? Company picnics and outings are a great way to keep employees rejuvenated from months of work and stress. Not only will the picnic revitalize and relax, but it will also harness team spirit, trust and camaraderie among employees and their families.

A brief yet informative article from Ezine shares some ideas in planning the best company picnic in New Jersey that might apply to your needs and requirements.

General Considerations for Company Picnics

Like any other type of event, you need to decide what you want your picnic to be like and how much you want to spend.

As with any event, it is important to keep the needs and tastes of your attendees paramount.

Allow yourself sufficient time to book your venue if the picnic is offsite. Demand for some venues is at a premium during peak periods. It is not uncommon to make reservations several months or more in advance of a given date.

You’ll need to plan food and beverages, and activities and entertainment and, in some cases, transportation to the picnic site.

Allow enough time so you can give your employees sufficient advance notice to include the picnic into their plans. This is especially important if you’ll be inviting family members or if it is held on a weekend.

Company picnics and company picnic ideas can range from the very simple to a pull-out-all-stops extravaganza. My observation is that people have a good time at both.

Do you want to have a theme? A theme is fun! Plus it makes it easier to organize food and activities.

It is best to pick your event date earlier in order to leave room for adjustments and for all employees to be able to plan ahead for the event. Many larger companies hold their picnics over 2 shifts so that everyone gets a chance to enjoy the fun. The same article from Ezine asks this question, “When do you want to hold your company’s picnic?”


WHEN do you want to hold you company’s picnic?

Here, companies hold their picnics beginning in June through early October.

Considerations such as your company’s workflow, availability of a desired venue, etc., will help you determine the date. Employees are less apt to be away on vacation in June or September, but they will really enjoy the chance to kick back in July or August.

There are pros and cons to weekday picnics versus weekend picnics.

Company picnics held during a workday will ensure a greater attendance for employees when they would normally be in the office. And, they don’t cut into precious personal time.

But spouses and children are generally more available for a weekend date.


Who do you want to invite? Is it the whole organization or is it by department only? Is it for managers only? Perhaps for staff and their families alone? Decide which one so you will be able to proceed with other equally important tips in planning the best company picnic.

Read the rest of the article.


The date, venue, budget, number of participants, vendors as well as the selection of a working committee are just part and parcel of considerations in planning a company picnic. There are still other considerable tips that would arise depending on what you think would be best for your company and its employees.

If you want a spectacular company picnic this summer, Circus Time Amusementss is the place to go. Check out just a few of their offerings: the mechanical bull, interactive games, mechanical rides…and that’s just a start! With over 25 years of experience in the industry, it is also the leading and largest full service amusement rental company in the Tri-State area. In choosing Circus Time for your summer outing or company picnic in New Jersey, you can guarantee, “A Fun Experience in a Safe Environment”.




Post Prom Entertainment Ideas from Circus Time

With all of the Pre-Prom planning and coordinating there is to do before an actual prom event, the after prom sometimes gets over looked.  Years ago, the time after prom was often spent by renting hotel rooms for parties…or just meeting up somewhere with friends to drink.  And in some cases, drinking a lot!  Mothers Against Drunk Driving started campaigns years ago to plan organized after prom events that would allow fun but prevent their children from becoming part of a tragic statistic each year.    These days, a post prom (or after prom) is a strong part of prom night activities and the planning for this event is just as important as the prom itself.   There are all types of ways to plan a post prom.   You can theme it to match the prom, or do something entirely different.   Ever considered a home based amusement park?  Or setting up your own carnival?  How about a western themed event complete with a mechanical bull?   There are so many choices for great post prom activities that it can be hard to make the best decision on what type of fun you want to have.

This is where Post Prom Entertainment Ideas from Circus Time Amusements comes in….

Circus time Amusements has been catering to customer’s party needs for over 25 years, and because mileage is not one their limitations, they readily distribute amusement rental equipment to the areas of NJ, PA, DE, and NY. Along with each ride or inflatable attraction rental comes the correct staff person to operate and oversee its activity. Perfect for huge events with hundreds of people, and just as perfect for smaller crowds, everything is provided to get your event set up, ready to go and geared for fun. Plus, Circus Time’s two million dollar aggregate liability insurance supplies customers with piece of mind and security that lets everyone feel free to relax and engage themselves in the action!   This two million insurance policy makes it a lot easier to plan events because it more than surpasses the requires that most schools have for outside entertainment activities.

The choices for post prom games are amazing.   Everything from interactive fun, inflatable obstacle courses, water attractions, carnival games, mouth water munchies, and a ton of novelties like photo ops!  And you’ll be going it all in a fun and safe environment. Photo booths were a huge hit last year.  Building memories is ALWAYS important.  They’re sure to be a big part of the after prom action this year too.

Your post prom planning with Circus time is only limited by your imagination and sense of adventure.  Their available games range from bungee runs, to laser tag and even human foosball! Imagine your post prom adventure including the extreme rock climbing wall or trying out the world famous euro bungee!

For many planners, the ideas can be overwhelming.  That’s why Circus Time has professionals on staff to help make your planning easy.   And Circus Time guarantees that they show up on time with clean, safe equipment and trained staff to ensure your safety.

So, don’t hesitate to make this year’s prom a year to remember, with the BEST after prom your school has ever seen.  Circus Time is a sure way to make this happen!


Pt 4 New Jersey Corporate Picnic Planning – Information Campaign

Part 4 of a 4 part series that will walk you through each step of planning the best company picnic your group has every had!  We make it easy…just follow these simple steps!


You need to start getting the word out about your picnic beginning approximately one month out. Don’t start signing people up too early though. If it is more than a month away, most people will probably just sign up for the heck of it.

There are many great ways that you can let people know about the picnic. Talk it up in meetings, put an article in the company newsletter, attach notes to payroll or put up posters or flyers in strategic locations all around the building. When you book with us, you receive a FREE Event Promo kit which includes lots of full color, customizable posters, prize samples and your own Event News flyers that has all of your picnic information as well as pictures of the games and activities offered.

Let people know about the prizes you will be giving away. “We are giving away _____ dollars and you must present to win.”

At most corporate events, prices or gifts are given away to reward employees, boost morale and show employee appreciation. It is not enough to just have several nice prizes or large cash rewards without announcing in advance what will be given away. The biggest mistake we think that companies can make in planning for an event is spending a ton on prizes and then not posting what will be given away well in advance of the corporate event.

We have had several clients struggle with attendance and they usually decide to cut activities for future events (and may end up not having future events at all) because of poor attendance. The ironic thing is that many of these companies have really great prizes but the employees don’t know about them.

Likewise, you can also do less on prizes if you really promote the event itself. The games and activities are great for the whole family, etc.

Raffles are another way to spark interest in the picnic. Many of our clients ask for donations from other companies and their vendors. It takes time to solicit raffle prizes, so it should be the job of the entire committee, not just a single person!

When you are a week out from the date of the event, do your best to get the word out and stir up interest. It is up to the coordinator and the picnic committee to get people to come to the event and the week before the picnic is the critical time to make the big push announcing the event.

If the event is to be held off grounds, make sure that everyone gets a map to the event site. Send e-mails that will serve as last minute reminders to every employee.


Get lots of sleep the night before the event. Show up to the picnic early and take care of any payment arrangements with your vendors or Entertainment Company right then. Now, take a deep breath and relax! You have worked hard to make this day special for everyone who attends and you should enjoy it, too!



Since the party starts when the invitation arrives, try some of these ideas to start excitement about the event weeks before the picnic date and answer any typical questions guests may have.

  • For added fun, invite your employees’ children and ask them to bring their parents.
  • Write the invitation using language that compliments the theme, such as words like “chow” or “vittles” for a western theme.
  • Include not only the date but the day of the week to avoid any confusion.
  • Include an RSVP date and reply information.
  • Designate it as a “rain or shine event” of if there is a rain date.
  • Include the start and stop times of the event.
  • When possible, help arrange a car pool service for people with transportation problems.



Many people assume that their business liability insurance will cover them during an off-site party. Depending on your policy, that might not be the case. You should insist that any vendors you have hired for your event are covered with a minimum of a $1 million policy. Your vendors should show their coverage on your copy of their service contract, as well as provide you with a valid certificate that shows this.

Above all, make sure that your company picnic is an event that will be looked forward to not only by your employees’ and their families, but also by yourself. After all, don’t you deserve a wonderful day in the great outdoors, too?

If you have any questions or ways that we could enhance your event even more please let us know. If we have the opportunity to work with you this year, we guarantee to make your event Successful, Memorable and FUN!


Renting a Mechanical Bull in New Jersey – Party Rentals Entertainment Ideas

Are you looking for a great way to spice up your party?   Circus Time Amusements is an expert in New Jersey Party Rentals Entertainment…and one way to guarantee fun is to rent a mechanical bull.  Renting a mechanical bull in New Jersey is guaranteed to boost the fun factor at any type of event!  Let’s all admit it, every time we go to a party with a mechanical bull as part of the entertainment; the bull is pretty much the main attraction for the crowd.  If you have an unlimited budget, you can actually buy your own mechanical bull, but due to the cost of the ride plus the insurance factor, you’ll generally find it to be much wiser to rent a mechanical bull in New York.

A mechanical bull has the  “power” to turn a normal BBQ eat-out to an extremely fun party. While most people used to be intimidated to ride on a mechanical bull because of safety concerns, the fact is that the bulls manufactured today are built with safety in mind and offer a great ride for participants of any age,

Renting a Mechanical Bull in New Jersey - Party Rentals EntertainmentOne benefit of renting a mechanical bull in New Jersey, is that the state has guidelines that must be followed before an operator is allowed to rent a mechanical bull.  In days past, many operators wanted to offer hydraulic bulls to their clients.  Hydraulic bulls look realistic but they’re hard to control and many a rider was injured at one point by a bull that didn’t stop moving when the rider fell off.  The new mechanical bull multi-ride units are built to be safe for all ages.  The ride is surrounded by a huge inflatable and  will stop automatically when the rider falls off, guaranteeing the rider will be as safe on …or off the ride.

Be sure that if you wish to rent out a mechanical bull, it comes with an experienced operator. The experienced operator of the mechanical bull should be able to control the difficulty of the bull according to the level of the player. This means that everyone can enjoy the mechanical bull ride at your party, from novices to experts, in fact, those who have never been on a mechanical bull before can still enjoy the ride.

The biggest problem with a mechanical bull at a event can just be the popularity.  Make sure everyone has a chance to ride once, before allowing riders to try a second ride. Bull riding is so competitive that it can be addictive and everyone will want to have a go at it again and again.

We absolutely suggest a mechanical bull for a spectacular event in New York but just do your homework before renting your bull.  It’s not all about cost.  It’s about ride value, safety, insurance and the operator’s training.  Before renting a mechanical bull, be sure to inquire about the specifications and safety features of the ride. Circus Time Amusements is proud to offer one of the safest and entertaining mechanical bull rides in Delaware, New Jersey & Pennsylvania.   Along with our mechanical bull, Circus Time offers over 300 other attractions.  If you want the best, visit Circus Time:

Make sure to follow Circus Time on Facebook for some more great entertainment tips:

The Best Obstacle Course – Inflatable Rentals in New Jersey

Explore the Pharaoh’s Tomb obstacle course for lost treasure! Race through the obstacles and then quickly down the slide in this ancient Egyptian themed obstacle course. See who can navigate through first in this two person course.

Unique Bar Mitzvah Ideas – Photo Booth Rentals in NJ, PA, NY, MD & DE

Unique Bar Mitzvah Ideas | Photo Booth Rentals in NJ, PA, NY, MD, DEIf you’re looking for Unique Bar Mitzvah Ideas, then you’ll certainly want to consider Photo Booth Rentals in NJ, PA, NY, MD & DE. You’ll find that photo booth rentals are a fantastic way to capture great memories and entertain the guests at a Bar or Bat Mitzvah. The fun pictures will give you a great behind the scene feeling for your Bar Mitzvah…AND you’ll have photo strip favors that your guests can take home.


Classic 4 photo strips seem to be the trend these days. Remember the old fashioned photo booths from years ago? You can choose black and white photos too replicate those nostalgic days. If you’re not quite into nostalgia, choose the color photos. Since they come with 2 sets of 4-photo strips, one can go in a memory book for the host and the other can go home with the guest. If you’re looking for something truly different, other choices for your photos can be “fun backgrounds” or “new hairstyles”.


Before you make a final decision on renting a photo booth,  make sure to find out how many photos you can do in an hour. You’ll want to make sure to have the booth long enough that ALL the guests can enjoy it.


Place your photo booth in an area of your event where it where it won’t interfere with other activities. It should be easily accessible, but out of the dance area or other party fun.


Make sure to have a “Memory Book” on the table right by the booth. Encourage the guests to add one set of their photo strips to the memory book along with a note to the happy young man or lady who is hosting the event. It sometimes helps to have someone standing at the book to help get the pictures posted correctly and monitor some of the messages.


Renting a photo booth is easy when you are working with Circus Time Amusements. Their Boardwalk Photo booth offers nostalgia combined with today’s digital technology to create color or black and white photos. You also have the option to put fun backgrounds on or new hair styles! Produces two sets of classic 4-photo strips. The Circus Time photo booth is designed for events and can do approx. 40 sets of pictures per hour.


So when you’re looking for Unique Bar Mitzvah Ideas, choosing photo booth rentals in NJ, PA, NY, MD & DE is the perfect answer to your needs.  Call Circus Time Amusements for info or click here for some more fantastic Bar/Bat Mitzvah Ideas.

Where Does Circus Time Get all Their Great Attractions for Party Rentals in NJ

Someone asked us the other day, “Where do you find all of that great equipment?  Do you order it online? Or out of a catalog? How do you know what party rental games people will enjoy the most? The games and attractions at Circus Time are also so much more exciting than we see from most other New Jersey party rental companies.”

Well, first off, we would really like to thank you for noticing!  We put a lot work and research into find the best entertainment games that the tri-state area has ever seen. We at Circus Time pride ourselves on offering the newest, most exciting and entertaining products on the market.

We recently made some purchases that you will love in 2013. There are a number of different places to make purchases and it helps that Circus Time has been around so long. We’ve developed such a great relationship with many of our manufacturers that we hear about new items long before the average party rental company gets word of them. One of our favorite places to find games and rides for party rentals in New Jersey is the IAPPA show.  IAAPA stands for “International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions and it offers the best equipment to some of the best entertainment venues in the world.

Their Great Attractions | Party Rentals in NJ

Here is just a sneak look at someone on one of our newest items for 2013. Watch for the video of the entire game coming soon!


Not only do you find the best manufacturers at the IAAPA show, but it’s a great place to see what might be the most thrilling attraction for the upcoming year.  We made a purchase this year that will blow your mind. It’s one of the newest items in the market place. Although we’re not ready to release the info, all we can say is it will be the PERFECT addition to any type of event. It goes well with the all time NJ party rental, the Mechanical Bull!

You need to watch for our “What’s New in 2013” to get an idea of what’s coming. If you’re an event planner, or planning corporate events, college events or have an upcoming bar mitzvah, then you might want to give us a call so that you can be one of the first to enjoy one of our new products next year.

Believe it or not, it takes more to being the best party rental company in NJ than just excellent customer service and a great safety record.  It takes the time and the willingness to invest what’s needed back into the company so that clients are guaranteed that when the call Circus Time that they’ll get the best of everything they need for an exciting party or event.

The IAAPA isn’t the only place we go for attractions.  There are a number of other shows where we can see new rides, and of course, as we mentioned, we have years of building a good relationship with the best manufacturers.  We’ve even helped with safety design by giving feed back on brand new products.

You don’t get things like the newest in New Jersey photo booth rentals, the multi ride “Mechanical Bull” or the “Euro Bungee” without having some knowledge of what the public is sure to love.  There is a real trick for finding the right attraction that is unique and exciting to clients, but one that is built for the safety that you require of the best equipment.

You see, the best choice isn’t to buy the first new item you see.  You need to have the knowledge to understand what might be safe and what type of game or product might show problems down the road.  This means understanding how accidents can happen so that you can really inspect how the equipment is made.   Exciting in Circus Time’s vocabulary means FUN. It certainly doesn’t mean Dangerous.

So, when you are thinking of renting the newest fun item in the marketplace this year, you will be happy to realize that when Circus Time offers something new, it’s done with our expert research on what is safe and what is fun.  Circus Time takes a lot of pride in offering party rental equipment in NJ, NY, PA, DE & MD that just can’t be found anywhere else!

PA Party Rentals Questions? See the Newest Amusements From Circus Time


Amidst the roaring popularity of amusement rentals in Pennsylvania, it would really be a disaster if your event doesn’t have some exciting games to keep the guests enticed. Whether you head to a public event or a private party, you might find some exciting and unique amusements all over the place. Fun, joy and amazement are what people look for at a party or an event. The best way to prepare for such fun and frolic is to find the best amusement rentals in Pennsylvania.

Alien Pinball | Amusement Rentals Pennsylvania

There are quite a few Pennsylvania party rentals companies that offer inflatable games and similar amenities but you ought to choose one that stands out from the rest. Circus Time Amusements is one of those very few PA amusement companies that actually have their own inventory so they control every aspect of your experience.   Circus Time Amusements is a company that chooses their own games and has had a track record of coming up with some of the most fascinating amusement rentals in Pennsylvania in the past.

The company has a huge inventory filled with bounces and combos, interactive fun games, mechanical rides, obstacle courses, sports, slides, water activities, carnival games, novelties, arts and crafts as well as arcade and table games. The New Games for 2014 page from Circus Time Amusements is also a step forwards from what PA party rentals companies have been offering till now.

The new collection of amusements rentals for Pennsylvanians from the company include Alien Bowman Challenge | PA Amusements | Shooting Games NJPinball, Amazon Twist Water Slide, Bowman Challenge, Chill Out Mist Tent, Deluxe Photobooth, Demolition Zone, Extreme Board Combo, Cruis’n World Driving Simulator, Giant Checkers, Giant Connect 4, Giant Jenga, Giant Pickup Sticks, Mechanical Shark, Mineshaft Madness, Monster Blast, Pirate Bounce, Sucker Punch, Tiki Breeze Frozen Drinks, Treasure Quest and Western Shootout.

Some of these games are absolutely new, both in concepts and execution. Some of the games are modified versions of existing concepts while some are upgraded games of existing versions including some substantial changes in the concept and the playing rules. The plethora of new PA party rentals offered by Circus Time Amusements ensures that there are more than enough choices for event organizers and planners, hosts as well as guests. Besides the dozens of games that were already there, the new amusements rentals for Pennsylvania  events can add the much needed excitement and engagement in any event, party, fair or carnival.

For more information on Circus Time Amusements visit

New Jersey Amusement Rentals For The Best College Spring Fling Activities

New Jersey Rodeo | College Spring Fling ActivitiesWhat are the best college spring fling activities? Dance, food, drinks, frolic, games and trying to hook up with someone you have a crush on are some of the traditional college spring fling activities. They are certainly necessary to make life in college what it should be but we are talking about a true spring fling.  An organized event on campus to bring students together.   The question when planning a true spring fling is;  what can you truly do to make college spring fling activities special, different and a great deal of profound fun.

The best solution is New Jersey amusement rentals. You can always plan to have some fun with your friends, by the virtue of your camaraderie or by pulling on some practical jokes on one another but New Jersey amusement rentals can put all of those aside and make way for some genuine fun for everyone.

What is it that you would want to do? Wouldn’t it be great to challenge someone, you like or dislike, to an obstacle course and give it all you have to win? If obstacle courses are not for you, then how about some mechanical rides? Can you last longer on a mechanical bull ride or a mechanical shark than your best friends? You can challenge others, show who’s the boss and can have some amazing fun while at it.

New Jersey amusement rentals provide you with a huge inventory of different kinds of college spring fling activities. From table and board games which can test your presence of mind and intelligent quotient to De Luxe Photobooth | College Spring Fling Activities in NJbowman games that can test your aptitude, hand eye coordination and focus, try out a game that you have already mastered or lay your hands on a shootout game that you have never tried before, either way and in any other way with New Jersey amusement rentals; you are going to experience a whole new genre of college spring fling activities.

It is always good to stick to traditions and to do what is expected at certain events. However, fun is in what you wish to have and to have some genuine merriment you have to try something new. Photo booths, slides, demolition games and several other old and new types of New Jersey amusement rentals from Circus Time Amusements can totally setup a perfect event for you and your buddies.

The best part of such college spring fling activities is that they can be accommodated in any place, at any time and without any elaborate pre setup or any specific infrastructural provision.

For the most professional service when planning your spring fling activities, you want to go to the expert.  Circus time Amusements has been handling spring fling activity rentals for over 25 years.  Check out their website:  They will help you plan a safe, exciting spring fling that everyone will love!

Where to Find Inflatable Water Slides for Rent in Burlington, NJ

You are planning a major party and are simply searching for the one missing puzzle piece that will make everything complete. You have thought about it time and time again, considering to yourself exactly what you should do or what you should buy. As you think about the last time that you had a thrilling experience or enjoyable time at a party, you might think of water parks and swimming pools. This is one of the main reasons why inflatable water slides in Burlington, NJ have become so popular in recent years. The question, though, is “Where can I find one?”

Finding a Great Deal on a Slide

Amazon Twist Water Slide | Inflatable Water Slide For Rent  Burlington NJAfter you have determined that you are interested in renting an inflatable water slide (and you certainly will want to rent a commercial slide that is built to handle your activities), the very next step that you need to take is search for the very best deal that is competitively priced. There are quite a few different options that you can choose from throughout Burlington, NJ. However, you need to keep in mind that quality & safety needs to be the number one priority when it comes to investing your hard-earned money into this type of rental.

When it comes to ordering any type of water sport or water activity, forgetting the need for high-quality equipment can put the lives of your invited guests at risk. This is one of the main reasons why there are so many customers that have trusted in the high-quality products and services of Circus Time.

Why You Should Choose Circus Time

In addition to building a solid reputation within this particular industry in New Jersey for quite some time, Circus Time has been able to remain competitive with low-quality prices for high-quality products. By trusting in the quality line of inflatable water slides that Circus Time has available to rent, you will be able to make sure that your party has the very best and safest slide available on the market.

The superior level of quality customer service also comes in handy as well primarily because of the simple fact that the staff will work very hard to meet the needs and exceed the expectations of each interested customer.

The Bottom Line

Even though there are quite a few options that you can choose when it comes to finding a great deal on renting inflatable water slides, your best bet will be to make sure that you invest in a high-quality yet competitive deal from Circus Time.

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