Demolition Zone

Rent Inflatable Games New Jersey | Party Rental NYDescription:

You better move fast through this explosive one-of-a kind obstacle course or you might get blown up! Two participants race through the safety cones, under the detonator, climb up the wall avoiding the sticks of dynamite and slip down the wrecking ball slide to safety.



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Mechanical Shark

mechanical sharkDescription:

Can you ride the hungry hammerhead? Don’t fall off or you might get eaten alive! Just like the mechanical bull you hop on, hold tight and ride as long as you can without falling off. Our shark has a safe soft rubber head and an automatic cut off switch so when you fall off onto our air inflated pillow the shark automatically stops.



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Bar Mitzvah Entertainment New Jersey – The Best Choices for the Perfect Bar Mitzvah?

Photo Booth Rentals for Bar MitzvahA Bar Mitzvah is an unforgettable time for a soon-to be grown up boy, and it’s a wonderful Jewish tradition that spans centuries and more as the mark of a boy becoming a man. But it’s a celebration and it needs to be fun!  Having said that, there are ways that you can get the most out of your Bar Mitzvah celebration while bringing people together and honoring tradition.  After all, having fun with family and friends is a huge part of the day.

For example, specializes in providing wonderful Bar Mitzvah supplies and party infrastructure to provide the best choices for the perfect celebration. Here are just a few of the options that are on the table and typically used in a wide variety of Bar Mitzvah celebrations all over and around New Jersey, with Circus Time Amusements:

Fun Foods

Fun foods include old-time popcorn machines and other novelty food items that are sure to be a hit at any boy-turned-man’s Bar Mitzvah celebration. These foods provide great snacking opportunities at a low cost, and more importantly, are unique and make it unforgettable for people who want to have a fun and memorable celebration in time.

Carnival Games

Carnival games like Air Head and Ba-Skee Ball are great ways for the teenagers enjoying the Bar Mitzvah to burn off a little bit of energy and enjoy their time as they celebrate the special occasion. These carnival games are unique, original, safe, and very enjoyable for people looking for a wide variety of things and an unforgettable and highly amusing celebration.

Arcade and Table Games

Arcade and table games are the perfect way to occupy young men and women who wa

The Best Place to Rent Rides, Bouncers & Arcade Games

Since the creation of Circus Time in 1986, we have grown to be one of the largest amusement companies of its kind. We deliver, set up and coordinate the fun.

Safety always comes first.

We are fully registered and insured. Let us bring the smiles and FUN to your next event!

Cruis’n World Driving Simulator

Cruis’n World allows players to choose from any of 12 countries ranked by difficulty, or they can drive the entire world through 14 tracks using 12 different cars (plus secret and player-customized cars) that can perform wheelies, jumps, flips and short cuts. Its an amazing journey as Cruis’n World can only deliver.

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Cars Slide

Cars Slide | Water Slides for Rent NJ, PA, MDDescription:
This licensed Cars Double Lane slide will bring fans from Carburetor Country running. Kids can climb up the center tunnel, which is topped off by a three-dimensional Lightening McQueen, and then choose a side for a speedy ride to the cushioned bottom. Mater, the fun-loving truck sits atop and 3D cacti flank the end of each racing-inspired slide.

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EuroBungy – Watch Video

Eurobungy / NJ Carnival Games


Take flight and sore up to 25 feet in the air on our 4 station Eurobungy Each rider is attached to elastic bungy cords that guide them safely back to the trampoline each time they come down. Jump, flip or try something new on this gravity defying ride. It will take your breath away.

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Extreme Rock Wall – Watch Video

Take your event to new heights with our 24 foot high wall climb featuring the state-of-the-art auto belay system. Up to three people can climbat one  time while fastened securely in a harness. The auto belay system automatically controls the rate of descent when the climber falls or chooses to come down from the wall.

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