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Big Baller –Watch Video

big baller


An obstacle course unlike any other! Designed to challenge and entertain, this giant obstacle course features four huge red inflatable balls surrounded by a blue ball pit resembling a moat filled with water. Players start on one side and must jump or run across the big balls to make it to the platform on the opposite side without falling in the ‘moat.’ The ball pit is cushioned with Zero Shock technology and feels like falling into water. The sides of this red and blue obstacle course are cushioned and designed to make sure players who fall off the big balls fall safely into the Zero Shock zones. As much fun to watch as it is to play, the Big Baller obstacle course will make your next event fun for everyone!

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Bubble Soccer


Bubble Soccer puts a fun twist on playing soccer. Squeeze into your inflated bubble, harness up, grab the handle bars and have a blast smashing into one another while trying to score a goal. Rent 6, 8 or 10 bubbles.

*Inflatable arena shown is not included, optional add-on.

Bungee Challenge

Bungee Challenge | Inflatable rentals New JerseyDescription:
Bungee Challenge is designed as a tug of war game. Opponents are connected to same bungee separated by an inflated pillar. Participants pull away from each other either trying to score a basket or place a velcro football as far from the center as possible.

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Bungee Run

Bungee Run | inflatable obstacle course rental NJDescription:
Bungee Run is designed for each participant to be safely secured in a harness that is safely attached to a bungee cord. The participants compete by stretching the bungee cord as far as possible before being stopped in their tracks.

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Foam Party – Watch Video

Foam Dance Party | Party Rentals in New York | Bar Mitzvah EntertainmentDescription:
Using one of the newest and most innovative technology concepts we bring you our foam filled inflatable  pit. Using our specially formulated foam we fill the pit with bubbles that are safe, hypoallergenic and non-toxic.(that won’t hurt your eyes or clothing!)

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Fun Derby

Fun Derby | inflatable rentals DelawareDescription:
Place your bets and get ready for fun! Riders will have a blast hopping down this three lane racetrack as the crowd cheers for their favorite horse! Three different size horses are provided.

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GAGA Pit — Watch Video


This classic game combines dodging, striking, running and jumping with the purpose of hitting opponents with a soft dodge ball below the waist while trying to avoid being hit yourself. The  game can be played by a group of individuals versing each other, by teams, or in one-on-one matches.



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Human Foosball

Human Foosball | Inflatable companies in NJDescription:
Human Foosball is a team competition where participants play a game of soccer. Five players per team are connected to waist harnesses and ropes extending from both sides of the harness allowing only side to side movement. Maximum players are 10.

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Hungry Hippo Chow Down


The referee yells “GO” and the players who are attached to their bungee cord make their way to the ball pit and grab as many balls as they can, then pedal backward and toss them in their mesh bag! Player with the most balls wins!



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Ladder Climb – Watch Video

Ladder Climb | rent inflatables PADescription:
Jacob’s Ladder is a game of balance and coordination. Try to climb to the top of the 10 foot rope ladder without falling off. Each end of the rope ladder is attached by swivels to make it very challenging to climb to the top. If you lose your balance and fall off you will land in the inflatable mattress right beneath you.
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Log Slammer

Log Slammer | carnival game rentals philadelphia


Can you survive the Log Slammer?! Four participants are trapped, floating in the swamp on tree stumps trying to avoid the swinging log stumps.  Do you jump or do you duck? Either way, make sure you don’t get snapped up the by the hungry Alligators waiting for you!

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Mechanical Bull – Watch Video

Mechanical Bull New York, New Jersey & Surrounding AreasDescription:
Our Mechanical bull spins and bucks simulating real bull movement. Our operator controls the level in which the bull moves so a novice to an expert can ride. What’s more important than Fun? Safety! Our bull has a soft rubber head and horns and has an automatic cut off switch so when you fall off onto our air inflated pillow it automatically stops.

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Pit Stop Challenge

Can you change your tire the quickest on our fast-paced, high energy NASCAR attraction. Participants use real air-powered torque wrenches to loosen and tighten the lug nuts on the tires. The authentic sounds & colorful backdrop is sure to be hit at your next event.
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Rapid Fire – Watch Video

Rapid Fire | Inflatable Sports Game Rentals DelawareDescription:
Adrenaline not included! Two teams of two make a mad dash to pass their balls through the holes in the netting separating their opponent across from them. The team with the least amount of balls is the winner. The Kicker? You and the person across from you are attached by a bungee cord, so you are at a constant tug-a-war during the entire game.
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Rock & Roll

Rock & Roll | Inflatable Rentals in NJ, NY, PA, DE, MDDescription:
Two competing jousters balance themselves atop a raised pedestal that offers just enough play and movement. The challenge is to overcome their worthy opponent and claim the pedestal for themselves.
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Rocky Mountain Wall Climb

Rocky Mountain Wall Climb | Rent Infflatables DEDescription:
Get harnessed in and try to conquer this 20 foot high rock wall by climbing to the top. Each climber is equipped with climbing gear, and safely monitored and carefully restrained from below by a trained staff member. An inflatable cushion surrounds the climbers at the base for additional safety. Two sides are used at once.
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Rollin Raceway – Watch Video

Rollin Raceway | Bar Mitzvah Entertainment NY, NJ, PA, DE, MDDescription:
Race your friends around the inflatable track by using these self-propelled roller racers. By moving the handle bars back and forth the racer will start to move and as you continue you will build a good speed to race your friends. Six to eight people can race at one time.
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Velcro Web

Velcro Web | Rent Inflatables NJDescription:
Participants suit up in hook and loops suits and fling themselves off the inflatable bounce onto the sticky wall. Strength and techniques determines how the participant will stick. Velcro suites come in small child sizes up to large adult sizes.

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